Hi I’m Orla!


I am a Career and Life Coach and also a teacher, just like you.

I specialise in working with teachers who are struggling to secure a job to turn things around: helping them build their confidence and feel happy in their dream career. 

Through my work I love watching clients get multiple interview offers, perform amazing confident interviews and secure jobs they thought were totally out of reach.

Above all, I enjoy supporting my clients through a wonderful year of teaching in which they set valuable time aside for themselves and for friends and family. 

Why do I love doing this work? Let me tell you my story:

In 2014, after a challenging year at school I took a career break and travelled to South and Central America and the USA. I had the most wonderful time.

When I returned, I wanted to try something else. But boy, was it difficult to find that ‘something else’!

During that difficult time I spent a lot of time applying for jobs. I researched lots of information on what the best practice was nowadays applying for jobs.

Finally, I bit the bullet and registered on a course to become a Life and Career Coach and I’ve never looked back.

What I embarked on was a journey of self-exploration to find out what I am interested in, what I am good at and to figure out what really energises me in life. 

From weeks and months of rejection and to feel like you’re the only one on this journey - I know what that feels like. I’ve been there too.

It breaks my heart to see teachers struggle because they’re not securing interview offers -because they don’t know how to effectively sell themselves in their job applications.

My unique coaching approach - helps give education professionals much needed feedback on their applications and phenomenal tips to help them get those interviews. 

You don’t have to make the journey alone. I want to help people like you, just like I was back then. 

I specialise in working with those in the Education Sector – because that’s what I know and understand best and I find that my clients really ‘get’ my approaches and insight into the struggles in the area of education.

I can help you:
  • Bag your dream job in the location you really want to be working in 

  • Find a better work/life balance and start prioritising yourself amongst all the demands I know teaching brings 

  • Up-level in your teaching career and find more confidence for the roles you know you’re capable of


Let’s get started