Hi I’m Orla!


I am a Career and Life Coach and also a teacher,  just like you.

I specialise in working with teachers who are struggling to secure a job - to turn things around: helping them build their confidence and feel happy in their dream career.

When teachers work with me in my 1-1 coaching sessions and in my online community – they feel empowered.

They see where they have been hiding, selling themselves short and they begin stepping into their power.

They learn to shine!

Why do I love doing this work? Let me tell you my story:

I’ve always been interested in positivity and its power to help us to think differently. I learned all about mindset, the law of attraction, self-help books and videos, spirituality, mindfulness etc. and while on my career break from my job – I became a coach.

I spent years developing my business – learning about marketing and Facebook and ads and book-keeping etc and I learned to hustle.

I forgot about who I am.

I forgot about the strategies that I recommend to my 1-1 clients and I thought “I don’t have time for that”.

I forgot about myself.

This reminded me of what happened when I became a teacher. Life became about school, my pupils and how I could help others – ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve slowly found a path back to myself. To separate work – from who I am. To separate work – and know that I deserve downtime too. To love myself more. And reconnect.

I can help you to..

  • Love the life you live better. 
  • Set better work/life boundaries.
  • Appreciate and pinpoint what you are really good at and celebrate them.
  • To stop the hustle mentality.
  • To do better interviews.
  • To build better school relationships.

Stop Playing Small

However, I see teachers playing small every day – creating job applications and doing interviews that don’t allow them to shine.

The big issue I see with teachers is confidence. In our 1-1 sessions, teachers doubt their choice of example for their job applications, they struggle to tell me what their top strengths are and they seek reassurance from others.

That’s why I became The Teacher Reconnection Coach.

My aim is to help teachers

  • search within,
  • appreciate what’s really good about them 
  • show them that life is not all about work and 
  • have the confidence to set boundaries and stick to them.

Let’s get started