Walking Around Your School Looking For Evidence of LAOS - A Survey

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Walking Around Your School Looking For Evidence of LAOS - A Survey

Access LAOS information that you've never thought of before with this fantastic survey! Designed to help you

  • jog your memory
  • inspire lightbulb moments and
  • better understand The Looking At Our Schools Document  - as you open your eyes to your school with 👓 LAOS lenses! 

🕵️‍♀️ From now on you're an explorer - you'll be looking for clues, evidence and LAOS observations using this simple resource! 

Here's what Primary School Principal - Jennifer had to say about the LAOS 'Walking Around Your School'  Survey. 

"I love these questions. This survey is excellent for people to reflect on their own presence and impact on staff. I love it! I would definitely use this survey with my staff - 100%. It will be so helpful for self-reflection for staff members and the ISM team. I look forward to using your LAOS survey. Well done Orla!"

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