Interview Confidence Coaching for Teachers

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Interview Confidence Coaching for Teachers

Interview skills are now an important way to succeed and show yourself as a capable and impressive candidate. Here are some ways my 60-minute mock interviews can help you.

  • Walk out with your head held high.

  • Learn something about yourself - that you can do more of (or less) of.

  • Become less fearful about having to say things in interviews that are long and complicated or hard to remember.

  • Come across as authentic.

  • Understanding STAR allows you to think back and reflect and act differently for situations in your career.

  • Start off the job in a proud way.

  • The principal already has confidence in your ability to do a great job.

What’s included?

  • Google Drive: Access highly targeted Leadership-Focused templates and resources

  • Practice: I teach you interview skills and practice your interview questions.

  • Feedback: Feedback about your answers and tips to improve them 

  • Recording: Capture key vocabulary and objectively observe what you did well and make small tweaks to improve your performance.

Investment (60-minute, fully personalised session) 

€279 - €1 Waitlist Fee (non-refundable) plus €278 upon booking.


To book, pay the €1 waitlist fee and you'll immediately get an email with further information. 

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