The Four Domains Simplified - A LAOS Course For Aspiring School Leaders

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How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively

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😩 Clueless about where to begin showing your teaching experience in your job application?

➡ This short guide shows you how to reflect on your experience to date so that you can create a truly unique job application that gives principals a real insight into who you are.

😏 Print it off and keep your thoughts with your Leadership Job Application or CV and it will make completing your form easy. 

Cheat Sheet To Your Letter of Application

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Cheat Sheet To Your Letter of Application 

Avoid the temptation to re-hash your job application in your cover letter!

💪 Your letter of application is a 🌟SECOND opportunity to SHINE!

Whether you're applying for a Senior or a Middle Leadership Role, this mini- course will empower you to access letter templates to work from, helpful vocabulary AND tips to create a letter of application that will really allow them to learn something DIFFERENT about you!

The result? 🤩 You'll be closer to Securing. That. Role! 

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The Four Domains Simplified - A LAOS Course For Aspiring School Leaders


🎓 Are you a teacher who would love to understand LAOS better before your leadership interview?

 🌟 Why Should You Invest in The Four Domains Simplified Online Course? 🌟 

🌐 Comprehensive Understanding: Dive deep into the Looking at Our Schools 2022 document, learn to acknowledge that you're actually doing a lot more than you thought and because you have ongoing access to the course - you can check in every month or every term to see how you're doing!

💡 Teacher-Centered: This course has been developed as a result of teacher frustrations about LAOS. Teachers like it but they find it complex to understand quickly and easily. The Four Domains Simplified will help you to prepare for interviews AND further embed LAOS in your teaching and learning with practical ideas. Win!

📲 Pre-Recorded and Easy Access: Available on an app with lessons from 2-16 mins - you'll learn quickly about what you need to learn most - from your computer or out for a walk or in your car - at a time that suits you.

📚 Course Highlights:

  • In-depth analysis of LAOS 2022
  • Practice for interviews with lots of questions, real-life stories and 
  • Lots of questions to spark engaging peer discussions
  • Suitable for Primary AND Post Primary Teachers
  • Unlock the doors to an inspired, impactful teaching experience.
  • Certificate of completion

FAQ: Will this course help prepare me for my leadership interview? Without a doubt! There are  3 whole modules (Dealing with Self Doubt, Interview Truths, and Understanding Interview Questions) That will help you to fast-track your skills, learn how to use the STAR technique, and understand how to tell effective stories for your upcoming interview.

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