You know you want to stand out from the crowd, but you just don’t know HOW.


You are filling in your SAF and telling yourself that you’re newly qualified - others probably have more experience than you do.  

You wonder what you could be doing to sell yourself better.

Wouldn’t it be great if you…

  • Knew that you tried something new before you filled in your job application this year - that helps you show what you have to offer

  • Discovered what was different about you from your classmates applying for similar jobs

  • Used your job application to create something that really represented you

  • Felt reassured that you have important skills to offer that makes you special

  • Planned your year ahead - personally and professionally so that you know how to develop your career to get what you want


‘How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively’ is designed for teachers like you, applying for jobs who need a little help to…

  • reflect on what’s special about you

  • identify the difference you make in schools, to your pupils, the parents and the school community - even if you don’t receive feedback and thanks for it

  • create a document that reflects you well

  • develop a sense of self-awareness for applying for jobs

  • give yourself more credit

  • boost your confidence in life and for interviews

  • do something that your future self will thank you for

  • take some time out and think

Bring in the individual nature of applying for jobs with this specialised tool for teachers.

You are special. You bring expertise. You matter.

Learn how to show them that!

Just €10.99

     Here’s what you can expect

Dream it

‘How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively’ encourages you to think about your past - to help you reflect on your teaching path and plan for your dream teaching job.

Take your time

Fill the booklet all in one go or in a few sittings, create a special ritual complete with a drink, a candle and some soft music to allow you uncover what’s special about you.

Figure it out

If you spend your time comparing yourself to other teachers, ‘How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively’ will help you to focus on what YOU have to offer.

 "I had lost heart in the job lately - but your resource genuinely put a smile on my face and reminded me why I love it. It is ideal for lower-paid teachers like me!”

                                                                               — Elaine, Co. Donegal

Orla Dempsey Mentoring

“This resource allowed me to give recognition to my qualities and further highlight them by putting them down on paper. It was very positive and allowed me to stop and think about what I could achieve.”

Primary School Teacher, Co. Galway

How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively

Applying for jobs creates tonnes of stress for teachers who are moving back home, applying for their first jobs, reapplying and generally making changes in their careers.

Acing Your Job Application - is an in-depth printable guide to equip teachers with the tools necessary to apply for jobs with

  • knowledge
  • strategy and
  • reassurance that they are gathering easy to implement ideas for CVs, SAFS and Letters of Application.

This guide is ideal for those who want to upskill, learn more and enjoy self-led learning. 

EUR 10.99

“The questions it poses are ones I would rarely if ever ask myself and it helped me to see the things I do for my class in a different light. ”

Post Primary Teacher, Co. Tipperary

Orla Dempsey Mentoring

“Everybody would benefit from reflecting on their efforts in their jobs. I would recommend ‘How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively’ to all teachers at any stage of their career, particularly younger teachers who may be doubting their abilities.”

Primary School Teacher, Co. Meath