Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

How much do your services cost?

You can find out all about my

  • Membership: My membership called the Teachers’ Promotion Club here.

  • Interview Confidence Coaching 1-1 services here.

  • Learn in Your Own Time: Leadership Interview Course: here.

Do you prepare teachers for roles as a deputy principal in a special school/HSCL/further education roles etc?

Yes, I have coached teachers for hospital settings, prison settings, special school roles etc in teaching and leadership roles. I invite you to have a chat with me in a clarity call to discuss your particular setting.

Do you coach post-primary teachers?

Yes - absolutely! Almost 50 % of my clients are post-primary teachers. Together we work on helping teachers show that their experience as a class tutor, in pastoral care roles, on teaching sub-committees etc are great points to note in their job applications and interviews.

Do you review application forms for teaching re-applying for AP 1 and 2 positions?

Yes. I have a special interest in leadership positions and I've spoken with lots of principals to find out their experiences of recruitment for management positions to find out what they are looking for and why successful candidates excel in their interviews.

I'm extremely au fait with the 4 domains from ‘Looking at Our School 2022 - A Quality Framework for Primary Schools’ required for management positions and through powerful questioning, I help clients to brainstorm their unique leadership-based experiences and record them effectively under the headings: Leading Learning and Teaching,  Managing the Organisation, Leading School Development and Developing Leadership Capacity.

WHEN should I book in my session with you?

I have found that this decision varies from person to person. Some teachers like to book their time well in advance - so that they can work on their answers after the session. They book approx 10 days before their interview.

Others like the information to be fresh in their head and book their session 3-4 days before their interview. 

I advise you to register your interest to work with me well in advance to ensure that we are a good fit. You can register here.

Do you sell or provide interview answers?

No, I don't. Interviews in education are competency-based interviews and so, the answers that you will need are based on YOUR teaching experience. That means that you will need to gather stories from your career that show that you have competencies like 

  • being a team player
  • communicating well with others
  • dealing with difficult situations etc

In my guides and online courses - I show you how to gather this evidence and explain it in a succinct and clear way - while communicating the necessary buzzwords in a natural way. 

Check out my leadership interview services here.

What are the benefits of career coaching?

A career coach will:

  • Listen intently without judgment and with total confidentiality.

  • Meet the client where they are at emotionally and cognitively.

  • Hold the client accountable to the actions he/she has committed to take between sessions.

  • Guide the client to realisations about themselves and the stories that they have been tell that have been holding them back.

  • Enable the client to move forward with support.

  • Facilitate change.

  • Help with retirement planning. Gain an insight into what you want to achieve in your retirement and with your free time.

  • Create a focused and supportive environment in which the client is free to discuss the issues that are at times, sensitive and important to them.

Email me at if you would like to avail of any of these options or have a career-related request of your own.

Do you only work with women?

I work with both men and women. I think, however, that I have more to offer driven, successful women like myself who want real change for themselves and those around them.

If you are a man – successful, driven and if you feel that you resonate with my message then by all means, please contact me to see how I can help!

What is the difference between management and leadership?

My favourite definition of a leader is: A leader is anyone who can influence others. Management can organise things, they can plan and get things done but they may not inspire others to get on board with their mission. Core soft skills for a leader include effective communication, interpersonal skills, authenticity, integrity, support, Do you know someone who is a great leader? What is it that makes them so effective?

What are your qualifications?

Quantum Thinking Transformation (2023) I am a qualified QTT Practitioner. QTT encompasses Quantum Releases, Quantum 1. Quantum Release™,  2. Quantum Alignment™ 3. The 7 Behavioural Codes™,  4. Quantum Thinking and 5. Transformation Coaching. It helps people cope better with Stress management, Procrastination, Overwhelm, Self-sabotage,  Worry,  Building confidence, Accessing powerful internal resources,  Managing difficult relationships, Goal achievement, Enhancing quality of life and lots more. 

Certificate and Diploma in Leadership Coaching with Coaching Academy Plus. (2022) I decided to join principals, deputy principals and teachers interested in gaining coaching skills this year. Bringing coaching into schools will have a very positive effect on leadership development, team cohesiveness and school growth and well-being.

Strengths Profile Accreditation (2019) I am a Strengths Profiling Accredited Coach which means that when you do the Strengths Profile Assessment, I can coach you to a deeper understanding of your personal strengths.

Accredited Diploma in Life and Business Coaching (2017) Fully Qualified and Accredited Life Coach with the Centre for Personal and Professional Development, Dublin.

Postgraduate Certificate in Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship – 2016 (UCD) This course is designed to equip students with the skills of the future – teamwork, communication, marketing, creativity, innovation etc. 

H.D.I.P.E. 2008 (Hibernia College) Completed my Teacher Training and Diploma.

B.A. in Philosophy and Irish Culture 2002 – 2005 (UCC) Undergrad degree. An Leann Duchais (Irish Cultural Studies) was taught completely as Gaeilge. 

How do I access your free AP (or teaching) CV template?

What you're looking for is my short course called thr CV Success Academy. You can access the CV template, resources and explainer video here.