Hold Back No More

3 month coaching package

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re delaying applying for jobs and missing out on opportunities that you know would have been ideal for you, self-sabotaging the growth of your teaching career

  • You feel stressed and trapped in the job you’re in right now and you are looking for a transformation

  • You’re craving change in your teaching career but everything you’ve tried to date hasn’t worked and you’re unsure what to do next

  • You want to apply for management positions but something in you won’t let you get started making a start on those applications

  • You’re moving jobs and you feel that your age is holding you back


What if it was easy to make big, bold change in your career?

What if:

  • You felt confident - no longer feeling the fear of interviews, you applied and showed up knowing that you’ve practiced your answers in a safe space and got constructive feedback.

  • You felt empowered - know that you have all the top tools and can answer questions in an effective and impressive way.

  • You felt supported - friends and family are great, but knowing you have support each step of the way as you make big change in your career from someone who truly gets it.


Don’t keep feeling stuck and frustrated.
Leap your career forward with tailored coaching now.

“In just a few weeks of coaching with Orla I have already begun to change the way I think about my career. I have modernised my CV, pushed myself further than I have in years and opened myself to new opportunities.

Orla is dedicated and really knows her stuff. I wasn’t even sure what a career coach was one short month ago!”

— Gillian, Co. Cork

How it Works

We’ll work together over the course of 3 months, scheduling four coaching calls online to focus on what you want to achieve.

Having a regular call with me to keep things moving forward as you change one or more areas of your life, you’ll also get access to my client resources and regular support when you need it using the Voxer messaging voice-note app so you’re never alone along the journey.

You have 1 session each month and one session to use whenever you wish.

Get ready to welcome in change and finally get unstuck in your teaching career.


Your investment to take the leap with full support

for 3 months: €750

(payment plans available)


Want to know more? Book a call with me now.

“Orla is extremely hardworking & passionate about what she does. Before I booked in for a coaching session with Orla I felt stuck in one or two areas due to the ‘busyness’ of life and work.

Booking the session and meeting with Orla felt like a weight lifted and helped me focus on the important things to me that I was otherwise putting on the long finger.

Having the accountability was key to help move me forward. I am looking forward to my next session. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about booking a session with Orla, to do it.”

— Elaine, Meath