Work with me

I offer three ways to work with me to build your confidence, secure your dream teaching job and thrive in the role you love.

Selling Yourself

1-1 Focused Services.

CV and SAF Preparation

Interview prep.

It’s application time and you need help to craft an application that makes you stand out and secure that job interview. That’s where I come in.

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Hold Back No More

1-day Voxer Coaching Session

Career Development

Become Unstuck

Set a goal

If you feel confused and held back by fear, past experiences or you have a lack of self-belief this is for you. Perhaps you want to develop your skills or set a goal - this flexible coaching session is ideal for you. Break through pain and mental blocks so that you can move forward with something that really matters to you.


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I'm thinking of Leaving Teaching Coaching Package

Craving Change

Deep Transformation

Lasting personal and professional development

You’re serious about your teaching career or you’re desperate to get out of it. You are constantly seeking ways to improve and grow. You’re craving big change and a more enjoyable way to work and live. You know that you can take small steps and create momentum in your career.


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