NQTs Acing Your Job Applications

- An All-In-One Guide

Immediately downloas this jam-packed guide full of advice and personalised tools to help you secure multiple interviews,

impress principals and bag your dream job.



                           STOP! This is not for you if:

  • You already know all there is to know about what principals and interview boards are looking for in new hires
  • You easily prepare SAFs and CVs that get you interviews in schools you really want to work in

  • You find selling yourself easy

Orla Dempsey
Hi, I’m Orla


I see you NQT! I know what it’s like to be early days in your career and to feel completely lost when it comes to applying for jobs.

If you’re scrabbling around for information online to work out how to put together your strongest application, I’m here to help.

This guide is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a newly qualified teacher with little to no experience right now.

  • You’re dreaming of the ideal job, but you think it’s totally impossible to even get an interview at the schools you want to teach in, let alone secure a position.

  • You find it difficult to identify your skills. You’re wondering what’s special about you as a teacher and you’re fearful of the competition and the embarrassment if you don’t secure a job in ‘your’ school.

  • When you sit down to write an application for a teaching job you’re afraid of putting in too much content or too little content.

  • You can’t find the words and believe that your lack of experience & references will hold you back from really being seen as a great candidate.

  • You’re thinking it’s easier to applying for jobs in populated areas because you fear that it will take years to get a job ‘back home’ which is where you really want to be. That’s just a pipe dream, right?

  • You think that job hunting is very difficult, the whole system seems rigged against you. The whole thing is starting to make you wonder… are you cut out for this?

Let’s make this a reality for you now with my guide.
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Imagine if….

  • You knew that when you emailed a job application that you had a great chance of hearing back with an interview offer

  • You knew exactly what Principals were looking so you could make sure you were ticking all the boxes and standing out from the crowd

  • You had the confidence to apply for the jobs in the areas you really want, and were in with a great chance of getting an interview

  • You knew even as an NQT you have unique talents and you knew your application really showcased your impressive evidence to support it in your SAF

  • You were relaxed and calm through the job-hunting season

  • You felt confident to sell yourself

  • You let go of any fears of lacking experience and you were fully confident in your abilities as a teacher, applying positively for jobs, without limitations


    Sounds good doesn’t it?



NQTs – Acing your job application is my unique way of helping you secure a great job.

I’ve worked with job seekers over 3 years and this ‘NQTs - Acing your Job Application, An All-in-1 Guide’ is now my special way to get those results for you.

It is perfect for you if you enjoy self-paced learning and feel you need an extra push to add extra punch to your CV and SAF. 

I’ve seen so many people beat themselves up about not securing jobs, having to resort to subbing positions even though that’s not what they want and be completely frustrated with the job hunting process when I know things can be so much easier.

The truth is, it’s not your fault, nobody has ever taught you how to sell yourself.

I’m helping you to do that in this NQTs – Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide’.  

It’s especially designed for NQTs or those in the early stages of their career to become aware of their transferable skills, build their confidence and create a powerful SAF and CV with ease.

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Why I’m the right person to help you secure a job

I qualified as a Primary School Teacher from Hibernia College and graduated in 2008. Since then I’ve done everything from working short-term substitute stints, completed year-long contracts, worked in a fantastic Gaelscoil, been permanent for 2 years and taken a 5 years career break.

With all this experience I know exactly what it’s like to feel like you’re bridging a gap for someone else, wanting your own class and feeling rejected when you’ve spent hours tailoring an application – only to hear nothing back.

Through the work I’ve done as a career coach I’ve learned lots about self-awareness and strengths and how to use them to properly tailor a CV and Application Form. This was key to my success as a substitute teacher and I now love to help pass on everything I know to NQTs like you. 

For the last three summers, the results my clients are get are phenomenal!

They receive multiple interview invitations and are offered jobs early in the interview season so they can take holidays and relax – knowing their job is secure for September. They apply for (and often secure) the jobs in the schools and locations they really want and most importantly they’re excited to get started with their job applications because they believe in themselves and know that they have a CV and Application Form that is top quality.

Let me help you get the same results.

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What people are saying about the- Acing your Job Application Guide:

“This is a must-have resource for any teacher looking to secure a teaching position in an Irish school. It covers all areas and guides the applicant through the process.

This excellent workbook will assist you in getting an interview and more importantly succeeding in it.”

— Pat, Primary School Principal, Kerry

“This workbook is extremely informative to NQTs and teachers wanting to update their CV and Standardised Application Form. I wish I had this resources when I was starting out!”

— Nora, Primary School Principal, Kildare

“This eBook is a brilliant tool for any teachers looking to create a job application that stands out.

Whether you are writing your application for the first time, are trying to improve on a SAF that is continuously being rejected or are returning to teaching after a break, Orla covers it all.

This is certainly a resource I will be working through when filling out my application form.”

— Sarah, NQT, Kildare

“You can literally use [this download] as a step by step guide when filling out your application form, with great confidence!

I feel it is a huge benefit to actually securing a job”

— Mark, NQT, Louth

‘NQTs – Acing my Job Application – An All-in 1 Guide’  is a fantastic tool that sparked new ideas for me as I read through each page. I bought it because the whole system of applying for jobs in Ireland is new to me. It was full of little tips that I would never have thought about on my own from breaking down the application form into chunks, sentence starters and the list of power verbs. It is excellent.

As a teacher returning home from abroad, I felt a sense of relief that someone understood my struggles – there’s even a section to help teachers returning from abroad with tips for how they can create better applications which was a great addition for me.

I definitely recommend the guide!


— Cara, NQT


Get your copy now and apply with confidence for just €35

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What’s included?
  • Templates to work on your application and more importantly, your mind-set.

  • Advice – my experiences of job-seeking and what you can do to ensure you get a job and get the curriculum covered using your self-awareness and favoured strengths.

  • Evidence-based research - I’ve worked with many top principals to learn what they’re looking for so that I can share it with you.

  • My experience teaching and coaching clients 1-1.

  • Getting out of your head and into the head of a principal (What are they struggling with? What are they feeling? What are they saying to themselves and others?)

  • How to market yourself in an authentic way.

  • Reflections: What's holding you back from creating the application form of your dreams?

  • What you need to do to feel good about the application process

  • What the benefits are for the principal hiring you. Understanding the outcome you want.

What if I’m not an NQT?

This guide is still for you – in NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide I outline all of my best content to help teachers job hunting this year and in the future. Over the past three years, I’ve mentored teachers, SNAs and teachers stepping up the next step on their career ladder – so, rest assured, teachers at all stages of their career will get massive benefit from this guide.

Is it too soon for me to download this guide?

Whether you’re qualifying this year, experienced or even, still in teacher training college – this is something that will remain useful to you for personal and professional development now and into the future. Simply save your copy to use it again and again whenever you need it.

It seems expensive compared with other resources I buy for my teaching career, is it the right thing to spend my money on?

‘NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide’ is a specialised tool with one goal in mind – to create a job application which will secure you an interview and hopefully get you a job. If you value getting a job easily while building your confidence to sell yourself this is the guide you need.

As a coach, I care that my clients are happy and confident in themselves and that’s what makes my tool different from the rest out there.

You won’t be able to buy this resource on TPT because it’s not the kind of tool to decorate your classroom. This tool is different. I want to help bring you massive value to actually securing that job in the first place.

This guide is ideal for you’re ready to make an investment in YOU.

What if I’m still not sure it’s right for me?

If you’re still unsure if this NQT’s Acing your Job Application – An All-in-1 Guide is for you I’m happy to answer your questions at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie