NQTs - Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide

Speak clearly, with conviction in interviews this summer - without your mind gremlins telling you you’re not prepared enough and that you waffle.

This pdf interview guide will show you how!. 


This pdf guide is for you if…

  • You get the interviews, but not the job.

  • You wonder why interview panels seem to tell you with their body language or by further prompts that your answer is not quite on point.

  • You want to build your confidence and understand the skills you need to improve to do better interviews.

  • You fear that you waffle your way through interviews because you feel you’ve not said enough or you have no idea when to stop talking.

  • You’ve heard of the STAR technique but you don’t know how to use it.


Feeling nervous, when faced with 3 eager/indifferent/professional-looking
panel members?

Me too.

I know what it’s like to feel judged by those who are there to do a job - in an industry that makes it difficult for teachers to shine.

If you’re wanting this year to finally feel like you’re impressing them and giving them the interview answers they are wanting to hear then, I’m here to help. This guide is for YOU.

 Acing Your Interviews - is the ultimate resource for you if:

  • You’re dreaming of the ideal job, but you just seem to face rejection after rejection.

  • You find it difficult to identify your skills. You hate the strengths question and you never know what to say for the ‘Have you any questions for us?’ question. It’s such a swamp of tricky questions!

  • You’re a newly qualified teacher with little to no experience right now and wonder what you can say in interviews.

  • You’re terrified of re-interviewing at your current school and you squirm thinking about sitting opposite people that you know and saying nice things about yourself.

  • You feel that the system is completely rigged and that it couldn't possibly be your interview performance that holds you back from securing the job you deserve.

  • You’re applying for AP 1 and 2 posts but you seem to be passed over again and again - surely this time it’s your chance to shine? After all, you do so much in that school already.

  • You think that interviewers want you to fail, they have made their mind up about you and you’ll be rejected once again. It’s all so disheartening when you’ve put so much effort in.

  • You’re lost at what to say about the Primary Language Curriculum - what are they looking for?

Let’s make this a reality for you now with my guide.


Imagine if….

  • You had a strategy for one or two simple ways you were taking action to improve your interview technique?

  • You knew that the answers that you had prepared were impressing the board and get you close to securing that job you desire?

  • By tweaking a few things, you get that good news phonecall to invite you to take the position?

  • You felt more confident than ever that you were fully prepared for your interviews?

  • Your innermost questions were answered in a user-friendly, place so that with a flick of a page you felt satisfied that your fears and reservations were being met?

  • You were encouraged to think about the key vocabulary that you’ll need around your experience, methodologies, assessment and topical buzzwords in education from a teacher herself?

    Impressive, huh?
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Orla Dempsey-050-EditNQTs – Acing Your Interviews An All-in-1 Guide is designed exclusively for Irish teachers to help them perform better in interviews

I’ve worked with job seekers over 4 years and this ‘NQTs - Acing your Interviews An All-in-1 Guide’ is now my special way to get those results for you.

It is perfect for you if you enjoy self-paced learning and feel you need an extra push to perform better interviews in the schools that you’d love to work in.

I’ve seen so many people beat themselves up about not securing jobs, having to resort to subbing positions even though that’s not what they want and be completely frustrated with the job hunting process when I know things can be so much easier.

The truth is, it’s not your fault, nobody has ever taught you how to sell yourself.

Ideally created for Irish teachers - this guide comes recommended by a wide variety of principals and teachers who have been enthralled with this new content for teaching interviews.

Get your copy now for just €45
Orla Dempsey Coaching

“I feel so much more confident in my interview preparation after reading & using it. What a brilliant interview guide for teachers! I particularly liked the strategies suggested for framing interview answers, as well as the extensive sample questions and the included interview marking criteria. It gave me a great insight into the whole interview process and it also helped me to develop my confidence further. I loved that the guide is written from Orla's vast experience in this area and her invaluable expertise really comes through in the guide.”

Experienced Teacher

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What this Interview Guide and my 1-1 services can do for you

Summer 2008 was a tricky one for me - my job application and my interview skills weren’t up to scratch (I just didn’t know it). I got jobs and contracts for the next few years based on my teaching ability and my reputation as a friendly, likable, capable teacher but interviews were never my forte. I hated being in the spotlight (Still do!)

2015 - I made an attempt to change career and applied for jobs which I thought I would be interested in and qualified to do - mainly in Training and Development and for each application I made and painstakingly tailored ———- I heard NOTHING back from them.

I felt hurt. I felt tired. I felt very lost. It made me think that I had nothing to offer and I wasn’t good enough.

This interview guide is a collection of the things I’ve learned since then. Things like how important it is to dig deeper than surface level to find out who you are and what you stand for so that you can use tools and techniques in interviews to show them how wonderful you really are.

The thing was…. I was good enough… I WAS ALWAYS GOOD ENOUGH. I just didn’t have the qualification and insights into the role.

In interviews - it’s not just about what you say - it’s how you say it that matters. And helping teachers to know themselves better, take responsibility and action for the direction they are traveling is one of my main purposes in life.


With the help of this guide, you will be equipped with key information about the recruitment process for teachers so you can continue to know that you are good enough, you are worth it and that perhaps, they are not the right fit for you….. and a better opportunity no doubt, lies just around the corner.

Download and start improving your interview answers now for only €45


NQTS, teachers moving home, re-interviews and more. This booklet is designed for teachers who are passionate about teaching and are great at what they do - but hate interviews! With coaching tools, interview questions, STAR technique guidance and FAQs - this guide is your go-to guide for interviews this summer.

Stellar Recommendations for Acing Your Interviews Guide

Orla Dempsey Coaching

“This is a practical, thoughtful guide for preparing for teaching interviews. There is a strong emphasis on mindset, learning from experience and good preparation skills. As a principal of a growing school – I think that all teachers applying for jobs would find Acing Your Interview Answers very beneficial”.”

Primary School Principal

Orla Dempsey Coaching

“To read this guide and implement even some of the tips would 100% improve your interview skills. I enjoyed reading the real-life common mistakes made by the author when applying for jobs and it added a little humour to a serious topic which was nice to read.

The content overall - makes for an interesting read, rather than something boring to learn off by heart. It is authentic and honest which I loved. Furthermore, I could pick and choose the key pieces of information that appealed to me. Well done Orla.”


Orla Dempsey Coaching

“I really enjoyed the guide. It was easy to use, the layout was clear and content was easily navigated. I particularly liked the STAR technique. Examples were used well and a guided layout was given. Well done Orla!”

Primary School Principal

Orla Dempsey Coaching

“Extremely helpful, insightful and practical guide for Irish teachers”

Experienced Post Primary Teacher


Get your copy now and apply with confidence for just €45

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How does this guide differ from your guide last year?

'NQTs - Acing Your Job Application - An All-in-1 Guide' is jam-packed with tools to help job seekers create outstanding job applications.
NQTs - Acing Your Job Application - An All-in-1 Guide on the other hand, is INTERVIEW FOCUSED: This guide is exclusively designed for teachers to build their interview confidence by being equipped with techniques and information directly from principals about how to directly improve your interviews.
When you have created a fantastic job application, you'll be ready and waiting to improve your interview technique with this new guide.

Why should I invest in this guide - I want to do a mock interview with you anyway?

Fantastic, I look forward to helping you prepare for interviews and enhance your interview technique.
This guide is a fantastic reference tool for you to learn the skills to improve your interview technique which we don't have time to delve more deeply into in our 1-hour session together.
Knowing this information in advance will drastically improve your ability to structure effective interview answers which we will practice orally in our session together.

Is this guide relevant for preparing for the Hibernia College interview and other positions?

There is lots of information in this ‘Acing your Interviews – An All-in-1 Guide’ that will stand to you in interviews in general. While much of the information in teaching specific, this guide will help you around
• Creating a success mindset by building confidence, learning interview techniques and through positive thought patterns
• How to structure your interview answers by providing evidence of your effectiveness.
• Answering the different types of interview questions you may be asked
So, if you want a unique support to apply for the PME with Hibernia College or for interviews inside or outside of education this Guide can help you.

It's expensive - I can do the interview preparation on my own

Absolutely, many teachers do their own research online, printing off interview questions, visiting forums and asking questions each year.
Purchasing this guide will save you hours of research and it is evidence-based - with a variety of primary and second level principals who rarely if ever, share their experiences online with interviews. Investing in this guide gives you tonnes of content, food for thought and it will accelerate your interview techniques if you take action from the get-go.

What’s Included?

  • Templates to outline the most common STAR technique (competency-based) questions

  • Comprehensive questions and guidance - from how to improve your interview technique, how long interview answers should be, how to stop waffling etc

  • Evidence-based research - I’ve worked with many top principals to learn what they’re looking for so that I can share it with you.

  • My experience teaching and coaching clients 1-1 meaning that I can outline to you where teachers are going wrong in interviews and getting your answers back on track.

  • Key vocabulary about child protection and the new language curriculum.

  • Take action - learn what you need to do to feel good about interviews and realign yourself to a more confident version of yourself.

  • How to understand interview criteria and use them to predict questions they may ask and the skills that they may be looking for.

  • How to use stories in your interview answers and lots more….