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Secret Career Stories For Senior Leadership Interviews

Welcome to this Free PDF ‘Secret Career Stories For Senior Leadership Interviews’.

Your interest in this page means that you’re curious about applying for Deputy Principal or Principal roles – now or in the future.

You would like to increase your knowledge of the ‘Looking at Our Schools Document’ or you know a lot about it already and you’d like to know more about how it’s used for recruitment purposes.

This PDF is designed for people who may be experiencing a bit of:

  • Confusion about The Four Domains
  • Self doubt about whether or not your career stories are good enough
  • A lack of confidence in their ability to use STAR
  • Rejection in the past and they’d like to rebuild their confidence
  • Overwhelm with the 100s of interview questions that could be asked
  • Imposter syndrome about their ability to do the role
  • Procrastination about preparing for the interview

In this Free PDF, I teach you tools, techniques, steps and processes that will help you improve all of these things mentioned above.

This methodology has been successfully employed in my 1-1 mock interview sessions with hundreds of teachers, guaranteeing clarity and impressiveness in their responses.

My mission is to make this effective technique accessible to as many individuals as possible. Having experienced the frustration of being highly capable but struggling to convey it, I am dedicated to providing a solution. It took years of refinement to develop a tool that aligns seamlessly with the needs of the LAOS and STAR techniques used by leaders.

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As someone who has nurtured their own leadership capacity, I understand the diverse ways in which leadership can be demonstrated and developed from within.

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