Selling Yourself

   Confident CV, SAF and Letter of Application Preparation

Right now you:

  • Feel lost applying for jobs because you’re new to the profession or haven’t done an application in years

  • Want to move home but think there’ll be lots of competition for jobs and you don’t stand a chance

  • Feel inferior when you compare yourself to other job applicants - “I’m just an NQT, who’s going to hire me?”

  • Struggle to be concise in your job applications and are unsure what to leave in and leave out

  • Just apply for jobs en mass because tailoring your application isn’t getting you interviews

  • Are sick and tired of not hearing back from schools after pouring hours into your application

  • Believe you’ve missed out on opportunities because your CV isn’t up to scratch



What if the application process felt exciting and full of possibilities instead?

What if:
  • You felt confident about your application - with an independent eye over everything you’ll submit, you felt optimistic and self-assured about hitting ‘send’ on what you’ve put together.

  • You were positive about stepping into an interview - each time you sent off an application you were filled with optimism that your CV is going to shine and you’re ready to impress at interviews. No more feeling the process is unfair, you know you’ve got what it takes to stand out and be called up. 

  • You knew your application was competitive - even if you’re not known to a school you were confident in the knowledge that you included all the essentials that every principal wants to see to get you on their team.

  • You felt inspired to apply for jobs, rather than deterred - you knew exactly how a principal is really thinking and how your CV/SAF can align more with what they want to see in order to hire you.

  • You truly knew you were unique - rather than blending in with the stack of other applicants, you recognise and highlight the experience and skills that others don’t have so your CV/SAF really shows you as a distinctive individual.

Let’s make this a reality for you now with my CV and application form review service

“I would definitely recommend Orla’s service to anyone who needs to update and improve their CV/Application form.

Her attention to detail, helpful suggestions and advice were exactly what I needed. She highlighted for me skills I have but that I was previously undervaluing, giving me a different perspective. I am now far more self-confident and proud of my CV.

Thank you so much Orla.”

      — Marie, Wicklow

How it works:photo-1434030216411-0b793f4b4173

  1. Introductory call: If you’re thinking this is just what you need we’ll first have an introductory call to chat about your requirements and see if we are a good match.

  2. Review Document: There are a number of common errors I see coming up with Standard Application Forms (SAFs). I’ll send you my custom review document to make sure we’ve ironed any of those out before we begin. When you’ve made some small changes we can move on to the full review.

  3. Email your CV/SAF: You send me over your application documents and we’ll organise a time for the Review Call once I’ve had time to go over everything and prepare my feedback.

  4. Written Review: When I receive your documents I’ll go through them in depth. I provide every client with a written record of what’s working really well, what needs improvement and a list if required of really useful phrases that will impress the interview board. 

  5. Review Call: This call takes place over the phone to discuss my findings and feedback on your application and to give you the opportunity to ask questions and get the clarity you need to feel 100% confident about what you’re about to submit.

  6. Update your CV/SAF: You are then equipped with all the feedback and information necessary to add the final touches to your document/s and create a phenomenal master copy of CV/Standard Application Form from which you can apply to not one job, but others in the future too (if you need!).

After this review, you’ll have an attractive, professional master copy of your CV and Letter of Application plus bags of confidence that you can customize future applications to make you stand out from the crowd.

Invest in a full CV or Standard Application Form Letter of Application review now for just €379 (1 hour)
Application SAFs for all AP and Management Positions:
€439 (90 mins)

                                    What my clients say.....

  • Orla Dempsey Coaching

    “I reached out to Orla to avail of her service with regards my CV, SAF and interview preparation. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information that was required in the SAF and felt I would benefit from her expertise.

    Orla listened to me speak and helped me to ensure all my experience was conveyed throughout my CV and SAF. She spent time going through all the suggestions and guided me on how to make changes to my SAF and CV.

    I would most definitely recommend Orla to anyone who is considering availing of a CV or SAF review. You will not be disappointed. Orla is very kind and is passionate about her work which is evident from the level of detail and time she puts into her services.””

  • Orla Dempsey Coaching

    “Orla recently helped me with my SAF. She was extremely kind and encouraging through the entire process. She highlighted buzz words I could use and enhanced the entire SAF.

    Orla gave me the confidence to also do well in an interview resulting in my attaining a job. I couldn’t recommend Orla highly enough.”