Julia felt prepared in the run up to her leadership interview.

Before Julia came to me, she felt disorganised and unsure of how to plan for her leadership interview. She had gathered lots of resources and questions from others and online but she felt that her planning was ‘all over the place’ before our session.

Our mock interview clarified a lot of big points for her - Julia learned to focus on the point that she was trying to make and to move away from long-winded stories. She got clarification and further personal insights and used them with confidence in her interview.

Julia placed second on the panel and moreover, she is very proud of her interview performance. She is continuing to grow and develop personally and professionally.

St Mary's Primary School now have new ICT ideas for SSE and School Improvement

St Mary’s Primary School had discussed the Looking at Our School 2022 document for SSE and Recruitment purposes but they lacked ideas and clarity on how to make practical changes to improve their school.

Upon downloading it - they had many 'aha moments'. The simple questions in the survey - helped them to pinpoint ways in which they could change. One of the ways involved developing a new team to to improve ICT on a larger scale across the school. This was simple - when they learned of ways teachers were using ICT in their classrooms. 

Megan secured CID.

Megan felt that having a professional review of her CV and cover letter was the last investment she would make in her teaching career. Her objective was to secure a permanent contract and having been from contract to contract in the past, she was ready to give it her all.

Shortly after her CV review with me, Megan was invited to an interview for an RPT contract. The interviewing principal said “your application stood out”. 

Next, she worked with me for her re-interview preparation. Her mock interview tips gave her confidence and support going into the interview. She is very happy in her new role now and feels reassured that she has job security at last.

Success Stories

Online Courses and Masterclasses

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  • How to Complete Leadership Application Forms

    Before doing this masterclass, I had too much information and was unsure of what specifics I should focus on.

    My main learning was realising that I have the knowledge and am doing the work but I am obviously not interviewing well. Since completing the masterclass - I know the importance of narrowing down of focus.

    Next time, I will do the one to one interview preparation with Orla. Thanks Orla!


    Experienced Teacher

  • Knock Their Socks Off Interview Course

    Before Knock Their Socks Off, I was stressed thinking about my reinterview and the application form. I needed to refresh my memory on interview questions, Irish questions and the star method. I was ecstatic to see how much was jam packed into the course - from tips on the Irish questions, to interview criteria to the STAR technique. This course had everything I needed and more.  I would 100% recommend this course to anyone interviewing for jobs this Summer. It is absolutely amazing. I am delighted with how the course worked for me. I am on track to get CID at the end of the year after being successful in my re interview this summer.


    Primary School Teacher

  • Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week - Online Interview Course

    Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week was a very good place to start to get to grips with the the language and thinking involved in a competency based interview. 

    The main thing I got from this course was how to answer the competency based questions relevantly and convincingly. I knew the theory but not how to answer questions about it competently. 

    I enjoyed the repetition of answer material and observing how many of the domains were interconnected in terms of examples.


    Experienced Teacher

  • Knock Their Socks Off - Interview Skills For Teachers

    Before completing this course, I felt worried and anxious. Now I feel more confident  in presenting myself and my answers and I have ccnfidence in how I can put my knowledge forwards using the STAR technique.

    What would I tell others if they were considering investing in courses with Orla? This course has a great structure to get your head around the Secondary School interview process and how to formulate your answers.


    Post Primary Teacher

  • How to Complete Leadership Application Forms Masterclass

    I purchased How to Complete Leadership Application Forms to learn how to best sell myself via the SAF for AP Posts. I’m now feeling better prepared and more confident about the posts heading into the interview stage, What would I say to others about the course? It is great value for your money.


    Experienced Teacher