Orla Dempsey Coaching

“Orla made this process so easy”

As an experienced Irish Post Primary teacher, I've been in my position for 8 years now so I was very unsure about how to create a CV that outlined my experience effectively.

Over the years, I've worked in the Gaeltacht, run courses and gotten involved in the runnings of my school but I didn't know how to put these experiences in my job applications.

Orla made this process so easy! Working with her, together we put in the information where it was relevant and impressive and best of all - very reader-friendly. I'm confident now that my application does a fantastic job of what I can offer to schools with my skills and experience. I'm looking forward to applying for jobs now!”

Orla Dempsey Coaching

““With the help of Orla I was delighted with how I held myself in the interview”
Receiving help from Orla was possibly the best decision I have made this summer. Last year, I walked out of interviews annoyed at myself because I was aware that I wasn’t confident enough in myself and I certainly didn’t sell all my strengths and relate the questions back to my own experiences.

From the first phone call with Orla, she reassured me and helped me find confidence in myself from creating a CV and SAF that I was happy to send out. I felt that my new SAF reflected my experience, knowledge and personality.

I was very fortunate to be invited to interviews. This year with the help of Orla I walked out delighted with what I said, how I approached each answer and how I held myself in the interview.

Orla’s ‘STAR’ approach to answering questions really helped guide me through the interview. I received excellent feedback during the interview and afterwards as I was offered my dream job.

I am very thankful that Orla helped me and I would recommend that anyone who feels that they need help with their SAF, CV or with their interview skills that they get in contact with Orla. I am delighted that I did. Thank you Orla.”

Orla Dempsey Coaching

““I know I've done the absolute best I can”
I felt very confident once the consultations were finished. I feel much more confident sending in my CV and SAF for jobs now-- I know I've done the absolute best I can and put my best foot forward, having availed of your services!

I was delighted with the attention to detail and quality of service- very professional and efficient.”

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Orla Dempsey Coaching

““I feel equipped to find balance in my life in the future”
Before I met Orla I was feeling stressed because I was finding it difficult to find the balance between my busy life as a mother and the never-ending tasks I need to complete as a teaching principal of a small school. I was struggling to find any time for me.

I knew that if I didn’t take action now I would face burnout. Orla provided me with the support that I needed.

Now I have a wider perspective about my life and career. I feel more equipped to find the balance in my life in the future. I would recommend coaching to any teachers feeling that they need a change. Thank you, Orla!”

Orla Dempsey Coaching

““I discovered where I am in life and where I want to be.”
When I first started my sessions I was not exactly in the mood to examine myself and go on this journey. I am so glad I did.

I found Orla an amazing person to take this journey with. She has a wonderful manner and warm energy. I felt very at ease from the beginning and was gently guided through my self-discoveries. I was surprised by how fulfilling it has turned out to be.

I have discovered so much about where I am in life and where I want to be, the values that are most important to me, how much I am already doing and how to accomplish my goals in every area.

I would highly recommend Orla to take you on this journey as it has uplifted my life hugely.”

Orla Dempsey Coaching

““I would highly recommend Orla to any stressed out teacher!”
Before I met Orla I was overwhelmed by all the paper work I had to get through at the start of the term. It was daunting and I honestly thought there weren’t enough hours in the week to get it done.

Through working with Orla, I learned to break things down into small manageable steps and gained new insights into how I can change existing behaviour patterns.

Now in a typical week I feel I can achieve a good work/life balance which was my goal at the start of the coaching. I would highly recommend Orla to stressed out teachers! ”

Orla Dempsey Coaching

““Meeting with Orla felt like a weight lifted”
Before I booked in for a coaching session with Orla I felt stuck in one or two areas due to the ‘busyness’ of life and work.

Meeting with Orla felt like a weight lifted and helped me focus on the important things to me that I was otherwise putting on the long finger. Having the accountability was key to help move me forward.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about booking with Orla, to do it.”

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