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  • How to Complete Leadership Application Forms

    Before doing this masterclass, I had too much information and was unsure of what specifics I should focus on.

    My main learning was realising that I have the knowledge and am doing the work but I am obviously not interviewing well. Since completing the masterclass - I know the importance of narrowing down of focus.

    Next time, I will do the one to one interview preparation with Orla. Thanks Orla!


    Experienced Teacher

  • Knock Their Socks Off Interview Course

    Before Knock Their Socks Off, I was stressed thinking about my reinterview and the application form. I needed to refresh my memory on interview questions, Irish questions and the star method. I was ecstatic to see how much was jam packed into the course - from tips on the Irish questions, to interview criteria to the STAR technique. This course had everything I needed and more.  I would 100% recommend this course to anyone interviewing for jobs this Summer. It is absolutely amazing. I am delighted with how the course worked for me. I am on track to get CID at the end of the year after being successful in my re interview this summer.


    Primary School Teacher

  • SAF Review 1-1

    I know I've done the absolute best I can. I felt very confident once the consultations were finished. I feel much more confident sending in my CV and SAF for jobs now - I know I've done the absolute best I can and put my best foot forward, having availed of your services!

    I was delighted with the attention to detail and quality of service- very professional and efficient.


    Primary School Teacher

  • Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week - Online Interview Course

    Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week was a very good place to start to get to grips with the the language and thinking involved in a competency based interview. 

    The main thing I got from this course was how to answer the competency based questions relevantly and convincingly. I knew the theory but not how to answer questions about it competently. 

    I enjoyed the repetition of answer material and observing how many of the domains were interconnected in terms of examples.


    Experienced Teacher

  • Knock Their Socks Off - Interview Skills For Teachers

    Before completing this course, I felt worried and anxious. Now I feel more confident  in presenting myself and my answers and I have ccnfidence in how I can put my knowledge forwards using the STAR technique.

    What would I tell others if they were considering investing in courses with Orla? This course has a great structure to get your head around the Secondary School interview process and how to formulate your answers.


    Post Primary Teacher

  • Interview Confidence Coaching 1-1

    Before my session with Orla – my biggest problem was confidence and answering interview questions in general!

    After our session, I feel more confident and that I have structure for my answers. I had thought about engaging a coach for a long time and I'm so glad I did it. I did a coaching module in college and I hated it but our session has changed my mind!

    For me, the structure of the session was perfect. I had plenty of material to review and study before the session and the recording really took the pressure off having to remember to take notes. It was very helpful. I definitely recommend doing an interview session with Orla.


    Experienced Teacher

  • Interview Confidence Coaching 1-1

    My biggest problem before my mock interview - was that I was constantly second guessing myself, and I now realise - that I was over-elaborating the less relevant information and I was not giving enough details of actions that I have taken in the past.

    I believe you helped me to develop some tools to structure answers that are relevant to the interviewers and to understand my strengths. I am looking forward to practicing these new skills in tomorrow's interview.

    I had lots of aha moments. One that stands out is the concept of my career as a secondary teacher being a point of difference from other candidates and figuring out how to use this idea in a relevant way.


    Experienced Primary School Teacher

  • Interview Confidence Coaching 1-1

    Orla was so lovely and helpful in preparing for my AP1 interview. I realise now as a result of the session that the answers I’d prepared had been quite longwinded. Our session was very helpful and it clarified many things for me. .

    She helped me condense my answers and really focus on key aspects relevant to the question. I felt prepared, confident and calm going the interview. Thanks a million Orla!


    Post Primary Teacher

  • How to Complete Leadership Application Forms Masterclass

    I purchased How to Complete Leadership Application Forms to learn how to best sell myself via the SAF for AP Posts. I’m now feeling better prepared and more confident about the posts heading into the interview stage, What would I say to others about the course? It is great value for your money.


    Experienced Teacher

  • SAF Review 1-1

    Orla made this process so easy.

    As an experienced Irish Post Primary teacher, I've been in my position for 8 years now so I was very unsure about how to create a CV that outlined my experience effectively.

    Over the years, I've worked in the Gaeltacht, run courses and gotten involved in the runnings of my school but I didn't know how to put these experiences in my job applications.

    Working with her, together we put in the information where it was relevant and impressive and best of all - very reader-friendly. I'm confident now that my application does a fantastic job of what I can offer to schools with my skills and experience. I'm looking forward to applying for jobs now!


    Post Primary Teacher

  • Interview Confidence Coaching 1-1 and SAF Review
    Receiving help from Orla was possibly the best decision I have made this summer. Last year, I walked out of interviews annoyed at myself because I was aware that I wasn’t confident enough in myself and I certainly didn’t sell all my strengths and relate the questions back to my own experiences.

    From the first phone call with Orla, she reassured me and helped me find confidence in myself from creating a CV and SAF that I was happy to send out. I felt that my new SAF reflected my experience, knowledge and personality.

    I was very fortunate to be invited to interviews. This year with the help of Orla I walked out delighted with what I said, how I approached each answer and how I held myself in the interview.

    Orla’s ‘STAR’ approach to answering questions really helped guide me through the interview. I received excellent feedback during the interview and afterwards as I was offered my dream job.

    I am very thankful that Orla helped me and I would recommend that anyone who feels that they need help with their SAF, CV or with their interview skills that they get in contact with Orla. I am delighted that I did. Thank you Orla.

    Laura Anne

    Primary School Teacher