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Imagine if you could say that:

  • You send each application with confidence and optimism because you feel prepared and ready

  • Applying for leadership roles feels easy because you know precisely what to say to create authentic and impressive job applications

  • You know you can effectively answer interview questions and feel assured that you can cope with whatever comes your way

Landing an amazing leadership role in teaching is tough.

The competition is intense and you need to have a strong application and unshakable confidence in your interview technique. 

But what if it’s been a while since you had an interview and you feel out of practice? What if the thought of facing LAOS questions fills you with dread? Or you just don’t know how to promote yourself well in writing?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up excited to go to work every day, knowing that you’ll be working with a supportive and innovative team? Knowing that your students are motivated and eager to learn because you’re creating a positive and inclusive classroom culture, where everyone feels valued and part of something?

And imagine if, to top it all, your job has amazing benefits and a salary that reflects the hard work you put in, so you finally have financial stability for your family and can say YES to that new car, or visiting those incredible holiday destinations.

You‘d love to finally put your skills and expertise to good use and make a real difference to students’ lives, but it feels like there are so many hurdles to overcome:

  • How do you make your application stand out from all the others? 
  • How do you beat the nerves and show the best side of yourself in interviews?
  • And how do you authentically impress employers and show that you are the best candidate for the job?


The Teachers’ Promotion Club is a monthly membership for teachers who are ready to advance their career, but want guidance to side-step the trial and error and do it right. 

Rejection after rejection can be so disheartening. You have the experience and the training, but you just aren’t making it through the selection process. You may even start to question whether you’re really good enough for the positions you’re applying for. 

Let’s bypass that right now and give you the tools and knowledge you need to confidently stand next to other leadership candidates and secure your dream teaching job!


I’m Orla Dempsey, The Leading Specialist in preparing for leadership LAOS interviews. 

I'm a Primary School Teacher and Career Mentor for Teachers. I'm the leading specialist in The Looking at Our Schools Document and in coaching using LAOS for teachers. In the last 7 years I’ve worked with over 400 teachers and principals applying for leadership roles, with a 71% success rate! 

I know what a struggle it is to get through the application and interview process unscathed. 

In 2015-2016, I applied for loads of jobs. I didn't get them. I was devastated, lonely and desperate to tell others that I'd secured a role. 

In 2017, I became a Career and Life Coach and I had many light bulb moments, because I finally understood why I didn't get those jobs. 

If you're here because you feel the same, then I see you. 

I'm passionate about helping teachers understand that applying for teaching jobs is a whole new set of skills, and rejection is simply feedback showing that you need to try a new approach.

NOW is the time to learn those skills. I’ll help you fast-track the learning that took me more than 9 years, so you can overcome your obstacles and grasp every opportunity to go further!

Your next big career move is within your reach, let me show you the steps to success!

When you Join The Teachers’ Promotion Club, for as long as you are a member

- you’ll have access to:

Exclusive online training and course materials that will guide you through the learning and steps you need to take to excel at writing applications and in interviews, all in easy to follow modules that you can access any time (on PC or mobile via the Simplero app), while learning at your own pace.

Worth €379

Exclusive 1:1 access to me via the free Voxer app every Friday (12pm-6pm) to check in, let me know how you’re getting on, and for any questions or clarification that you need. This is the ONLY way you can access 1:1 support from me outside of my 1:1 coaching packages.

Worth €379

Access anytime - tools for filling in AP posts so you can speed up the rate of your professional growth. 

Expert interview tips will help you draw on your professional knowledge and skills under pressure and give you the best chance of success.

Worth €1259+


Every month - you’ll have access to extra members-only bonus content, including: 

  • Interviews and classes with expert guest speakers, so you can expand your knowledge and skills further.
  • Career development masterclasses to help you sail through interviews and applications.
  • Challenges to get you taking action and propelling yourself into success in a time-frame that excites you.


Total Value - €5,555+ per month! 

You can access all this NOW for just €47 per month!

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“Initially, I was concerned about the time commitment - but the content in The Teachers' Promotion Club is very manageable and can be accessed when I have time. I am preparing for a mock interview and hopefully will be ready by the end of November. I think this is exactly what I need to move forward".

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Teachers' Promotion Club an online course?

A: The Teachers’ Promotion Club is an ongoing monthly membership, with access to the materials and bonuses online for as long as you are a paid member.

Q: What can I expect from the club?

A: As a member of The Teachers’ Promotion Club you have exclusive access to training, support, and a growing knowledge-base that is the first of its kind in the industry. The Club’s success rate speaks for itself! 

You’ll learn how to write strong applications, how to impress in interviews, and how to take the feedback you get and use it to your advantage going forwards. You’ll receive ongoing personal support as you need it throughout your journey to leadership and beyond, so that you can be the best both for and in your dream role. 

Q: What is the time investment needed?

A: This is entirely up to you! I’d recommend scheduling around 3 hours each month to get the most out of your membership, but there are no time constraints and you can work through the content at your own speed. Live classes are always recorded and available in the membership area afterwards. Small, consistent actions - that's the key!

Q: What’s included in the membership?

  • Training modules and materials - 18 value-packed training modules to work through at your own pace, all designed to accelerate your learning and career advancement.
  • Ongoing support - EXCLUSIVE 1:1 access to me via the Voxer app every Friday (12pm-6pm) to check in, let me know how you’re getting on, and for any questions or clarification that you need. This is ONLY usually available as part of my 1:1 coaching packages!
  • Training from expert guest speakers - Based on the needs of the members and any specific topics or areas of interest that arise, I regularly bring in expert guest speakers to advance your knowledge and career prospects even further.
  • Career development masterclasses - Supercharge your knowledge and sail through interviews and applications.

Q: Is the Teachers’ Promotion Club suitable for post-primary teachers?

A: Yes, it is! I help many clients at post-primary level complete their leadership job applications and prepare for interviews. All content in this membership is suitable for you as a post-primary teacher too.

Q: You’re not a principal yourself, how can you help me advance my career?

A: My expertise and interest in recruitment lies in understanding the wonderful qualities necessary to be a great leader, and how to use that awareness in job applications and interviews. I help all my clients build better job application skills and to believe in themselves. 

As a coach, I hear teachers say things like "I hate interviews - I just can't sell myself" or "I don't know how much detail they want in interview answers" or "I completely over-thought filing in my application form - I was just so afraid that I'm not doing myself justice".

I care that you struggle with this and in The Teachers' Promotion Club - I show you that there is an easier way. You don’t have to do it alone - or worse, not at all!

Q: I’m newly qualified, is this membership suitable for me?

A: Yes! If you are ambitious and want support to advance your career with ease then it’s for you. 

Q: Will anyone know I’ve joined The Teachers’ Promotion Club if I don’t tell them?

A: No! I understand that many teachers don’t want people to know they are thinking of applying for leadership positions and that anonymity is important. No one will know you’ve joined unless you choose to tell them - you are entirely in control of this information.

I know you think you can probably work it out on your own eventually, and that if you don’t get help with it the worst that will happen is not cracking it and getting that dream job. 


Imagine the rejections keep coming in. You really don’t know where the problems are or how to fix them. You start to think you’re just not good enough for leadership, so you give up on applying for roles and stay where you are. You already have a good job, right? It’ll do, you obviously weren’t meant for more. 

These thoughts start to knock your confidence, and suddenly you’re not feeling good enough for the job you have! Your colleagues notice a change in you and you start to feel the pressure to get back to the confidence and buoyancy you had before - but those rejections have knocked you for six. It’s hard to feel competent and confident when you’ve been repeatedly knocked back. Before you know it your performance is suffering and you're feeling disillusioned with the whole thing. 

It’s actually quite easy to avoid this scenario! Small, simple changes are often enough - you just need to know how to recognise them - I can help you with that. 

Learning the skills to approach applications and interviews armed with the ability to impress employers and be an outstanding candidate is right at your fingertips.

In The Teachers’ Promotion Club we cover everything you need to propel your career into success!  



  • I joined The Teachers’ Promotion Club to learn more about leadership, to hear from like-minded people, prepare for ap interview. It is helping me gain a better insight in to the multifaceted nature of leadership in schools. I enjoy learning about the content you share on leadership and the opportunity to attend zoom calls with like-minded people. Having a group that is leadership focused keeps my mind on the topic is useful. Hearing others’ experiences is very beneficial also.

    Jess M.

    Primary School Teacher

  • I like having access to a support network of leaders and aspiring leaders and content that will continue to stretch and teach me so I can apply them to my own role. I like the help with prioritising and really looking at my strengths. I get good advice from Orla and from other teachers and access to great learning content. I definitely feel more confident that I have a structure to answer questions more easily and that I am far more familiar with the content on the LAOS document. One of the best parts is speaking openly to others about experiences, having the opportunity to look for advice and to problem solve. Thank you, Orla for the group and for regularly updating it.

    Caroline T.

    Post Primary Teacher

  • I was keen to engage with this from the start! It has given me some more confidence in thinking that I can do the job and be successful when my time comes.  I think I would be structuring my answers better and making sure I have the right information and structuring my specific examples in an efficient way. Thanks so much for everything Orla.

    Orla H.

    Priimary School Teacher

  • I am preparing for our interview together and hopefully I will be ready by the end of November. I think this is exactly what I need to move forward. The best parts are all the hints, tips and recommendations by Orla. The content has been good as I can access it any time. I loved the mock interview session - I found it so beneficial.

    Chris S.

    Primary School Teacher

  • I joined The Teachers’ Promotion Club to get access to sample questions and information on the  STAR technique (although I didn't realise I needed it beforehand!) The club was also goof to get help with my SAF. It was great that Orla explained about the STAR technique I got tips to get clarification during an interview e.g. to say 'I don't know but I would consult....A,B & C”. Now I’m definitely more empowered with strategies to use during the interview and also an awareness of how competitive the whole leadership process is.


    Experienced Teacher

  • I joined the Teachers Promotion Club to help me with Interview preparation. It really helped me focus on LAOS 2022. The Club helped me realise that I am worthy of promotion. I became more confident and more aware. What would I say to others about the group? Definitely go for it. You'll learn so much about yourself.


    Experienced Teacher

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EXCLUSIVE ONLINE TRAININGS AND course materials that will guide you through the learning and steps you'll need!

EXCLUSIVE 1:1 ACCESS TO ME - via the free Voxer app every Friday.

ACCESS ANYTIME - tools for filling in AP posts so you can speed up the rate of your professional growth. 


Interviews and classes with EXPERT GUEST SPEAKERS, so you can expand your knowledge and skills further AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT MASTERCLASSES to help you sail through interviews and applications.


Year Long Access


SAVE €167 - Join for the year, access all member benefits with NO monthly fee! 


STRESS-FREE - Begin now and learn bit by bit - how to prepare for this life-changing decision.

Member Successes

Linda secured her AP2 Post

Before joining the Teachers’ Promotion Club Linda did not have a good understanding of the Looking at Our Schools document. She had previously applied for AP posts and DP posts in the past but was unsuccessful.

Upon joining the Club, she scanned through the content and immediately changed her job application form. She had aha moments watching the videos and learned how to answer the conflict question competently, show the results of her contributions in the past and wrote her interview answers in the STAR format.

Linda has secured the role of AP2 and sees it as an important stepping stone to AP1 and beyond!


If this is your first time filling in a leadership job application form then you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Selling yourself in your job application isn't easy and if you’re not sure WHERE to begin with your form, start with HOW TO FILL IN LEADERSHIP JOB APPLICATION FORMS. Designed for school leaders – this masterclass is full of useful phrases and easily  implementable tips, to get your application DONE - even if you’re short on time.


If you've not really taken LAOS seriously until now - then this modulle will guide you to the parts you need MOST if you have an interview coming up soon. 

Think of this section as your 'cheat sheet' for understanding the document QUICKLY. 

Copy of Interview Skills For School Leaders (Facebook Post (Landscape)) (1200 × 788 px)

Build resilience on your path to leadership with training to help you take feedback and use it to your advantage. Some teachers will secure their leadership role straight away, for others it may take longer to get there. Every step is progress! You’ll learn where to focus your time and energy to get the most of your membership.


All systems go?! When you've secured that leadership interview - you'll want to upskill QUICKLY AND EASILY. I’ve got you covered here. Learn how I teach my 1-1 clients to use the STAR technique effectively, how to answer the “Tell us about yourself” question, and what to say when you're asked “HAVE YOU ANY QUESTIONS FOR US?”. 

PLUS -  practice your interview answers using my simulated mock interview! This is a popular module!


I’m passionate about providing a fully-rounded learning experience for you in The Teachers’ Promotion Club and have chosen leaders in their field to speak on topics related to school leadership. These guest speakers are all school teachers who share their best practice and leadership advice to inspire others. Members are encouraged to become guest speakers and develop their own leadership capacity.

Inside the portal you'll learn about SSE, ICT, Resilience, Developing Student Voice, networking, becoming a new principal and lots more!

"The club has completely opened my mind and given me confidence in what I already do!"

The Teachers' Promotion Club includes access to our Online Portal and App for easy-peasy career development for aspiring leaders. 

Here's what you get...

  • 26 + bitesize career videos
  • 13 in-depth masterclasses - watch the recordings at a time that suits you.
  • Weekly voice and message coaching allows you to check in with me regularly and stay on-track.
  • Go with the flow -  Binge watch the trainings that you need right now or take things slow and steady. The club is there when you need it most.
  • User generated topics - Members get access to new trainings as the need arises.
  • Community feel - Remain anonymous or join networking events to get to know other group members. 
  • Consistency - Regular emails and access anytime career CPD is available at the touch of a button. There's no waiting around!
  • Everyone is welcome - If you're an aspiring school leader and you want to use your growing leadership skills, you are welcome in the club!
  • Practical challenges to encourage you to take action
  • Print my downloadable tools and implement them immediately.

Club Member
"The club made me enthusiastic about teaching again!" 
The Teachers' Promotion Club has given me more confidence in thinking that I can do the job and be successful when my time comes. Being in the club helped me with prioritising and really looking at my strengths. It has made me enthusiastic about teaching again.
Club Member
"I love that all lessons are easily accessible!"
I love that there is good advice from Orla and from other teachers and access to great learning content.  It is very concise and informative and all lessons are easily accessible. Recommended." 
Club Member
"This is exactly what I need to move forward!"
Initially, I was concerned about the time commitment - but the content in The Teachers' Promotion Club is very manageable and can be accessed when I have time. I am preparing for a mock interview and hopefully will be ready by the end of November. I think this is exactly what I need to move forward.
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Maura Secured her Role as Deputy Principal

Following a webinar, Maura saw the value inside of The Teachers’ Promotion Club and quickly joined the club. Her aim was initially an AP post and she also knew that the DP role of her school was upcoming.

When the time came to fill in the leadership application form. Maura was terrified of it. On one of our Voxer Friday Coaching sessions – we chatted about this fear and she decided to break down the task into smaller chunks and fill in small bits of it – even over the Christmas holidays. Chatting about it made it seem more manageable. She was proud of herself and said that that she was going through the form slowly – and having done the first long session – the end was in sight. 

The next I heard from her – she had secured the DP job!

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