I’ve noticed some similarities in aspiring school leaders

  • For some aspiring leaders – the job of their dreams comes around unexpectedly and they don’t feel ready.
  • For other leaders – they don’t see themselves as being a natural leader – but other teachers tell them to go for the role and...
  • Some school leaders know that they have what it takes and it’s the next natural step for them.

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Here are Some Free and Paid Ways to Uplevel Your

Interview and Job Application Skills

50 Key Questions to Ask Yourself - before you prepare your job application for AP, DP, and Principal roles in education

A LAOS focused document that will help teachers reflect on the evidence that they have for the various domains. This is my most popular freebie. 

50 key questions

Walking Around Your School Looking for Evidence of LAOS

This BRAND NEW reflection tool that helps you gather evidence of Looking at Our Schools - from the school playground to the relationships you form in the classrooms and beyond!

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 How Can I Answer Leadership Questions Effectively?

This crucial, short document takes the actual questions my clients were asked and I explain WHY those questions were chosen by the interview boards. Reflecting on the WHAT will help you better plan WHAT your response should look like. 

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CV Success Academy

This mini-course can be completed in 15 mins and has free downloads and tips for teachers who are applying for leadership roles, teacher job applications and substitute positions in schools.  

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The Secret Guide to Standing Out in Interviews and Job Applications

What would others say about you when you leave the room? This secret guide helps teachers to become more self-aware and discover their strengths so that they can be used in their lives and as interview answers. 

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The Ultimate Guide to the STAR Technique

This 10-page guide will help you to learn more about how to use the STAR Framework in competency-based interviews. If you know a little about the STAR method - you’ll know that having a bank of career stories to tell in interviews is crucial.

Understanding Interview Questions


Orla Dempsey Mentoring

“Having secured a deputy role lately - I would recommend Orla’s interview services. The 90-minute session with her got me thinking about how best to structure my interview answers and I learned a lot from her about the different ways to conduct yourself in a professional interview. Also, Orla showed me how to wrap up my interview answers in a timely manner which helped me know when to stop. I felt confident in my interview answers – and I didn’t learn off my interview answers by heart as Orla guided me to see the difference between a 'learned off' answer vs a knowledgeable answer. It was a worthwhile session. Thanks, Orla!”

Deputy Principal

NQTs  Acing your Interviews NQTs - Acing your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide

If you are simply hoping that the interview questions will go your way - then you're missing a trick! Performing well in an interview means upskilling in your communication skills and developing a number of strategies - so that you show them what you have to offer. 

Designed by a Career Coach and Primary school Teacher, Inside 'Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide' was the first interview guide of its kind in Ireland - designed to help you build these important skills.

Access important information such as how to use the STAR and the PAWS techniques, the importance of non-verbal communication, storytelling, sample interview marking schemes, using methodologies in your interview answers, interview FAQs and lots more

EUR 45.00

“I really enjoyed the guide. It was easy to use, the layout was clear and content was easily navigated. I particularly liked the STAR technique. Examples were used well and a guided layout was given. When NQTs come out of college, (especially those from non-teaching backgrounds), it is quite difficult for them to know the expectation of language needed in an answer and also what their answers should entail. Orla’s guide greatly helps do this.”

Primary School Principal

2 NQTs - Acing your Job Application - An All-in-1 Guide

Are you looking for a simple, thought-provoking, coaching-focused guide to help you complete your CV and job applications?

🧭 The best thing to do to help you create an authentic person-centered CV and SAF is reflection. This job application guide will help you BOTH to utilise key vocabulary AND show them your interests in (e.g. chess or walking or restorative practice or using iPads) AND when you sahre its with them can be a great help in their school. 

💕 My questions and tools gently guide you to reflect on yourself and gather ideas to put in your job application. It's this reflection piece that will make you stand out from other candidates. 

😎 At just 39 pages long, you can scan through it in one sitting and you can highlight the most important parts for you as you are creating your job applications.

💡 With the coaching tools - you can print them off and find out your teaching superpowers and unique selling point.

🤩 When you use Acing Your Job Applications - you won't feel overwhelmed and you'll know that the information that you include truly represents you and when you share authentic information - you can turn up to your interview as your real, caring, organised, hardworking, friendly self. Win! 👌

EUR 35.00

“I particularly like the part on soft skills as these are often forgotten about.
Invaluable information.
It highlights the emphasis of being yourself.
I found the phrases very impressive and something very different.
I think it’s very thorough and covers all basis. Actually makes you think of other areas to cover.”

Comments From NQTs about Acing Your Job Applications - an All-in-1 Guide

Ways I Can Help You

1. Always Ready - Career Accelerator

Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunity

Let me show you how to

  • Be interview ready IN A WEEK.
  • Look, feel and sound like a CONFIDENT school leader
  • Build your platform to show that you are the UP-AND-COMING SCHOOL LEADER in your area.
  • Use SIMPLE INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES to tell your career stories well
  • Understand what’s really special about you as a teacher – you might not even know that yet!
  • ELEVATE your SELF-TALK so that you step into next level you
  • Step into NEXT LEVEL YOU – the version that is a school leader.
Mock Interviews
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2. The Teachers' Promotion Club

  • Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to tools for filling in AP posts, interview tips, reflection tasks, set meaningful goals and understand LAOS in a simple way. 
  • LEARN ON THE GO – in the car or when you’re out for a walk – using our user-friendly app.
  • ACCESS WEEKLY 1-1 SUPPORT via the Voxer App as you prepare for your job application and interviews or for coaching.
  • NEW CONTENT EACH MONTH such as guest speakers, career development masterclasses, challenges and much more. 
  • BROAD FOCUS - Learn lots of information on job applications, from guest speakers, LAOS etc. in one place.
  • CANCEL ANYTIME - Join the group and access all supports while you are a member.
  • With regular emails you’ll BECOME ACCOUNTABLE for the decisions you choose to take. These actions will propel your skills and career in the right direction.

3. Online Courses

  • Focus on DEVELOPING JOB APPLICATION AND INTERVIEW SKILLS with my comprehensive online courses.
  • Invest once and get LIFETIME ACCESS so that when new roles arise - you're ready for action!
  • LEARN ON THE GO – in the car or when you’re out for a walk – using our user-friendly app.
  • ACCESS ANYTIME AND SELF-LED - no need to wait for online webinars to begin. Invest today and begin learning immediately. 
  • SPECIFIC FOCUS on the exact skills that you need to improve for interviews and job applications
  • SAVE TIME AND ENERGY - no need to do lots of online searches for information - these online courses have all that you'll need to learn in one place.

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4. 1-1 Interview and SAF Services

  • Invest in a Job Application Form Review (€479) or a Mock Interview (€379) with PERSONALISED SUPPORT.
  • Increase your chances of GETTING NOTICED and become a CANDIDATE TO BE RECKONED WITH.
  • Refine your interview skills and pinpoint the areas that areas that will benefit from improvement and COMMUNICATE MORE CLEARLY.
  • Each service comes with a set of specifically TAILORED RESOURCES and a RECORDING OF OUR SESSION so that you have it for further practice and for your reference.
  • See my availability here

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