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Teachers: Be Shortlisted and Feel Confident in Middle and Senior Leadership Interviews.

Applying for a Senior Leadership Role?

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Welcome to Orla Dempsey Mentoring


What Would You Love To Do?

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Here's What I Know About You

  • You’re excited by the difference you could make as a new leader. 
  • You’re already three steps ahead of others going for this role.
  • You know that interviews are an important opportunity for you to show them what you've got to offer.
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You’re skilled at what you do, but because you’re so well versed in academia, you lack the skills to sell yourself.

What Aspiring Leaders Are Saying

Mock Interview - Testimonial

Having secured a deputy role lately - I would recommend Orla’s interview services".

"The 90-minute session with her, got me thinking about how best to structure my interview answers. I learned a lot from her about the different ways to conduct yourself in a professional interview. 

Orla showed me how to wrap up my interview answers in a timely manner which helped me know when to stop.

I felt confident in my interview answers – and I didn’t learn off my interview answers by heart as Orla guided me to see the difference between a 'learned off' answer vs a knowledgeable answer. It was a worthwhile session".

— Jacinta, Deputy Principal

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Hey there, I'm Orla!

I’ve done tonnes of personal and professional work - including NLP, QTT and many Coaching Qualifications.  I've stepped out to see the bigger picture and my interest in storytelling and messaging means that I’ve drawn out the key things that will actually help you to land the job. 

  • 6-Figure Promotion and Interview Coach for Teachers
  • Most-Listened-To Guest Appearance on The Lead The Way Podcast in 2023
  • Founder of The Teachers' Promotion Club - exclusively designed to help teachers secure AP roles. 

As The Teacher Promotion and Teacher Development Mentor, I'm passionate about giving teachers a VOICE and help them to employ the top strategies to secure the jobs they deserve!

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