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Are you struggling to believe in yourself as a teacher and leader? Do you know how to show interview panels your strengths?

I can help.

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Download These Free Guides to Make Better Applications

50 key questions to ask yourself before you prepare your job application for AP, DP and Principal roles in education

A LAOS focused document that will help teachers reflect on the evidence that they have for the various domains. My most popular freebie. 

50 key questions

Understanding Interview Criteria

This free guide helps you decipher what is meant by interview criteria and how they are a clue to the interview questions you'll be asked.

Understanding Interview Questions

Discover what Principals
are looking for

This reasearch based guide aslked principals what they are looking for in job applications and interview candidates. 

orla dempsy

CV Success Academy

This mini -course can be completed in 15 mins and has free downloads and tips for teachers who applying for Leadership Roles, Job Applications and Substitute Positions in schools.  

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The Secret Guide to Standing Out in Interviews and Job Applications

What would others say about you when you leave the room? This secret guide helps teachers to become more self aware and discover their strengths so that they can be used in their lives and as interview answers. 

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The Ultimate Guide to the STAR Technique

This 10-page guide will help you to learn more about how to use the STAR Framework in competency-based interviews. If you know a little about the STAR method - you’ll know that having a bank of career stories to tell in interviews is crucial.

Understanding Interview Questions


Orla Dempsey Coaching

“Having secured a deputy role lately - I would recommend Orla’s interview services. The 90-minute session with her got me thinking about how best to structure my interview answers and I learned a lot from her about the different ways to conduct yourself in a professional interview. Also, Orla showed me how to wrap up my interview answers in a timely manner which helped me know when to stop. I felt confident in my interview answers – and I didn’t learn off my interview answers by heart as Orla guided me to see the difference between a 'learned off' answer vs a knowledgeable answer. It was a worthwhile session. Thanks, Orla!”

Deputy Principal

1 NQTs - Acing your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide

If you are simply hoping that the interview questions will go your way - then you're missing a trick! Performing well in an interview means upskilling in your communication skills and developing a number of strategies - so that you show them what you have to offer. 

Designed by a Career Coach and Primary school Teacher, Inside 'Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide' was the first interview guide of its kind in Ireland - designed to help you build these important skills.

Access important information such as how to use the STAR and the PAWS techniques, the importance of non-verbal communication, storytelling, sample interview marking schemes, using methodologies in your interview answers, interview FAQs and lots more

EUR 45.00

“I really enjoyed the guide. It was easy to use, the layout was clear and content was easily navigated. I particularly liked the STAR technique. Examples were used well and a guided layout was given. When NQTs come out of college, (especially those from non-teaching backgrounds), it is quite difficult for them to know the expectation of language needed in an answer and also what their answers should entail. Orla’s guide greatly helps do this.”

Primary School Principal

2 NQTs - Acing your Job Application - An All-in-1 Guide

Applying for jobs creates tonnes of stress for teachers who are moving back home, applying for their first jobs, reapplying and generally making changes in their careers.

Acing Your Job Application - is an in-depth printable guide to equip teachers with the tools necessary to apply for jobs with

  • knowledge
  • strategy and
  • reassurance that they are gathering easy to implement ideas for CVs, SAFS and Letters of Application.

This guide is ideal for those who want to upskill, learn more and enjoy self-led learning. 

EUR 35.00

“I particularly like the part on soft skills as these are often forgotten about.
Invaluable information.
It highlights the emphasis of being yourself.
I found the phrases very impressive and something very different.
I think it’s very thorough and covers all basis. Actually makes you think of other areas to cover.”

Comments From NQTs about Acing Your Job Applications - an All-in-1 Guide

People generally come to me for three reasons

  1. They feel under a great deal of career pressure.
  2. They have a fear of selling themselves.
  3. They are confused.

1. Career Pressure

Many teachers come to me because they are feeling under pressure in their careers - pressure about not having a job, pressure because they are not happy where they are or they feel pressured because they want to change career but they don’t know how to change and still live a fulfilling life.

Learn more about your options to work with me below.

Orla+Dempsey+coaching+for+NQTs+and+teachers+in+Ireland (1)

2. Fear of Selling Yourself

I help people build their uncover where the fear comes from - why they hate saying nice things about themself and build confidence through mindset, interview techniques and by putting clear, confident vocabulary around what they do in teaching - into their SAF and CVs.

If this is you - then you can learn more about your options below.

3. Confusion

Other teachers come to me because they are confused. They are confused because they’ve never filled in a SAF before. Or they may be confused because their SAF always gets them interviews but they rarely get the job or they’re confused about how to make their application different from the hundreds of others potentially applying for the same job.

Sound familiar? Learn more about your options below.


Ways to Work With Me

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The Teachers' Promotion Club is designed for teachers to easily access information that will help them get promoted, seconded, do better interviews, help them leave the profession or do something new with their skills.

  • Access pre-recorded content
  • Gain 1-1 access to me each Friday
  • Learn on the go via a user-friendly app and lots more
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Online Courses (22)

1-1 Coaching



This service is for teachers who want personalised support to improve their skills. You'll get access to my tailor made resources, work with me for 60 mins or 90 mins depending on your needs. All 1-1 coaching sessions include a recording of our session together so that you have our session to revise and improve your skills after the session. 

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Online Courses (25)


I have a growing number of online courses for teachers. With lifetime access - you can learn via an app so that your content is easily accessible,  My online courses are self-paced and are broken into bitsized pieces. 

Courses include 

  • Insider Tips From DEIS Teachers
  • Acing Your Interviews - The Masterclass
  • Knock Their Socks Off - Interview Confidence Skills For Teachers
  • Selling Yourself  - The Complete Course For Applying For Teaching Jobs
  • Help! I've an Interview in a Week - LAOS Focused - Leadership Interview Skills
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Online Courses (27)


My 3 guides are called

  • NQTs - Acing Your Job Applications - An All-in-1 Guide
  • NQTs - Acing Your Job Applications - An All-in-1 Guide
  • How to Communicate Your Experience Effectively

These printable guides will ensure that your job applications and interview skills are unique, relevant and impressive and you can print, learn and implement your new information straight away!

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Online Courses (28)

What People are Saying

“After working with Orla I feel less stressed, more organised and have more time to myself. I can fit more into my day and am able to enjoy more devoted time to my family.

Thank you Orla, you have really changed my thinking and I cannot recommend you highly enough!”

— Avril, Kildare

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