What do I need to do to improve my teaching job application?



I see you. Doubting your SAF - wondering if there’s anything that you can do to improve it, if there’s some secret that others know that you don’t.

If this sounds like you then - you’re in luck!

I've created a quiz that helps teachers pinpoint exactly where they are in their job application process.

Do you want to find out - where YOU are at? It takes just a few minutes and you will get personalised results and actions that you can take to improve your job applications.

Click here to do…

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Deputy Principal Interview Questions - Scenarios



So you are applying for a deputy principal role in your school and you have heard that panels often ask scenario-based questions?

In the interview, they will set the scene to say something like “A child fell on the yard and was hurt - what would you do?” First of all - reflect ‘has this ever happened to you and what did you do?’ What was good about how you resolved the situation and why? It’s important to note here that the panel are looking for reassurance about an aspect of school life …

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How do I know which company to go for and which NQT guide to invest in?



There are lots of options available for teachers right now and it can seem a bit confusing! I get that. You may have questions like

  • Which company should I go with (Haha - Go with ME obviously!)

  • How much do I need to invest?

  • What if I'm not getting the results that I want?

  • How do I know if what I'm doing is working or not?

    Today's blog will help you address many of those concerns.

    1. Which company/online guide should I invest in?
    There are loads of amazing supports out …

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5 new tips for the STAR technique


I’m most known for helping my clients use the STAR technique. Why do you need it? Teachers need to harness the powers of the STAR technique because it is the universally known technique for competency-based interviews (the types of interviews that are used in education). The STAR framework is the best one to help interviewees tell stories about their actually experience and not tell stories about ‘best practice’ or what they think ‘should’ happen - and give evidence that you have experience an…

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AP and Principal Application Preparation. How to Prepare for Domain 2: Managing an Organisation.


Every year I work with many experienced teachers applying for positions in management roles in their school and beyond. Here we look at how you can outline your experience in managing an organisation.

 Highlighting your managerial skills and capabilities

In your extensive experience as a teacher, you have no doubt faced many managerial issues. Reflecting on challenges and how you overcame them, initiatives you may have facilitated, staff you mentored, and tricky situations you helped to reso…

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Applying to ETB Schools


When applying for ETB teaching vacancies, there are many things to consider. Your application must be typed and you must provide two copies of the application; one of these to be the original. Job advertisements are published on ETB county websites, in professional, academic journals, in newspapers and on social media. Here are a few things for you to consider when applying for ETB positions.

Final year initial teacher training applicants

If you are in your final year of training, you are …

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Top Tips for teachers applying for DEIS schools


Here are some pieces of advice I received from teachers working in DEIS schools at both Primary and Post Primary levels. Working in a DEIS school requires certain qualities and awareness and sometimes teachers struggle with the challenge of classroom management or understanding where some pupils are coming from. You can learn lots more about how to make a good impression in your job application and if you’re well suited to the DEIS Setting in my Masterclass called ‘Insider Tips from DEIS Tea…

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CV template for teachers


I've created an education-focused CV template that's helped 100s of teachers get clear on what a great CV is.

Would you like the template now?

Get yours here.

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8 limiting beliefs that are warning signs during job hunting season


During my coach training - one of the most impactful lessons I had was how having limiting beliefs can restrict our growth e.g. If you believe that you’re always unlucky - then it will be practically impossible for another person to change your mind.

Here are a few limiting beliefs that arise during job season for teachers applying for jobs.

I don't have any connections

As an NQT in 2008 - I had no relatives or local friends who I felt could get me a job. I could see people being connected …

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Why you should invest in your career with The Teachers’ Promotion Club


Connecting with others is rewarding, it makes us feel that we are not alone in the world. - Jonah Berger

The investment in your teaching career with The Teachers' Promotion Club monthly is just €66.

Why make the investment in the Teachers’ Promotion Club?

1. Uniqueness - Member led content

In my research for this group, so many teachers reached out to say that thrive completed the PDSL and loved it but they were missing the connection with classmates when it finished up. Sure, there ar…

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