Do you review job applications for DP and AP Roles?

Yes - I do! This is a service that I offer in The Career Accelerator Programme. The job application is a test of a candidates perseverance, writing and communication skills and can take 10+ days to complete and years to build the leadership skills. 🤩 You'll want to pull out all of the stops to ensure you get shortlisted.

Because I give premium support to my clients wanting reviews and because of the work involved in the review stage - The Career Accelerator Programme is the ONLY place that I review Senior Leadership Job Applications. Learn more about it here. 

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I’m applying for a leadership role - what do you offer?

Clients that come to me are confident, they have a positive reputation and they are willing to take risks for learning and growth opportunities.  Sound like you? 

As a leadership coach, specialising in the LAOS Framework, when working with me 1-1 - you'll get access to...

  1. Professional Development Resources: As soon as you book, you'll get access to a folder of fantastic LAOS and STAR technique resources to help you prepare. 

  2. Feedback and Evaluation: You'll get detailed feedback and evaluation  about your performance. Constructive criticism will help you to understand your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing you to refine your interview skills effectively.

  3. Client Centred: Zoom sessions and direct links to book - mean that sessions are convenient and accessible. The ability to customise mock interview sessions to suit your needs means that I can tailor your questions, difficulty level, and focus areas - based your needs. 

Alternatively, my online courses mean that you invest once and you'll have access to them again and again. Learn more about them here. 

Do you coach teachers going forward for teaching roles?

Sometimes. I specialise in helping teachers going forward for promotion to Leadership Roles in education. I retired my teaching level courses and my 1-1 mock interviews with teachers. If you like what you see and you know for sure that you want to work with me drop me an email to 


How much do you charge for mentoring?

Being a small business owner working full time in her business - I'm probably gonna be more costly than others in the field. HOWEVER, I feel that you'll get and A1 experience when you work with a specialist for your 1-1 interview preparation. I offer full transparency on my prices.

  • For DP and Principal mock interview services 👉 click here.
  • For AP and Principal mock interview services 👉  click here.

Do you recommend bringing in a portfolio or extra information to my leadership interview?

The purpose of your interview is to orally articulate why you are the best person for the job. For senior leadership interviews, some boards request that teachers do a short presentation (often on their vision for the role). This gives the panel an idea of your ability to present and also your idea of how you'd like to change and lead the school in the future. 

Besides that, bringing in extra information for them to read is not recommended as it was not requested and will distract the panel members from listening to your interview answers.

Check out my 1-1 interview coaching sessions here.


Where are the login details to my online course?

Your login details are issued immediately when you purchase the online course. If you did not receive yours - it may be due to an error in your email address.

Contact and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Do you do professional development talks for schools?

Yes, I have prepared in-depth talks on a number of topics that I see teachers need more guidance on including student voice, inclusion, school and teacher identity, coaching tools for educators, Strengths Development, SSE and Goal Setting, Developing Leadership Capacity and more!

Here is a sample of the CPD that I've undertaken in the Coaching and Mentoring area. 

  • Moira Geary - Qualified QTT Practitioner (April 2023) with Coaching and NLP

  • Coaching Academy Plus - Life and Leadership Coaching (2023) with Noel Brosnan
  • Strengths Profile Accreditation (May 2019)  - Strengths Profile Practitioner
  • The Centre For Personal and Professional Development  - Diploma in Life, Business and Career Coaching with Mary Curran (2017)

Where is the CV template that you recommend for AP roles?

You're looking for CV Success Academy! It's a brilliant FREE mini-course for teachers.

Click 👉 here for the link. 

Do you review AP job applications?

There is such variety in the requirements for AP job requirements and his is not a service that I provide as a 1-1 service. HOWEVER, lots of teachers LOVE The Teachers' Promotion Club and the support inside on LAOS, Interview Prep, Job Applications and access to me each Friday. It's just €47 monthly and you can cancel anytime! 

I have created CV Success Academy for those creating CVs as part of their AP job application process and 👉 This Course - is a super helpful guide to create an impressive Letter of Application (just €9!)

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Do you have tips for me for my upcoming interview?

The sooner you prepare for your leadership interview - the better!

Coaching Qualifications

Do you work with teachers going for other types of promotion?

Yes - I do indeed! Last year, teachers came to me for interviews for Oide,  European Schools Roles and more! The key thing is - to understand the job requirements in detail, the necessary competenices for the role and preparing what to say and how to impress the panel. Book a session for secondment roles here. 

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