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The Teachers'

Promotion Club 

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This membership is for you if...

  • you've completed your application form for teaching positions, AP, DP or principal positions and you're questioning whether or not it's stands out as well as other successful applications.
  • you're unsure how to improve your leadership job application.
  • you feel you don't structure your interview answers well or that you waffle in interviews and you'd like to learn ways to remain on track. 
  • you feel under pressure to perform well in interview and it's been many years since you've done an interview. 
  • you're keeping your eyes open for leadership posts around you (you may even have applied for some already).
  • you kinda believe that internal deputy principal or principal posts go to internal candidates only.
  • you want to narrow down your focus and know precisely what you should be focusing on for interviews and how to do them well.
  • you want support in answering questions based on the LAOS domains
  • you want to work with a professional who understands teachers specifically and who understands the challenges and education system.

IF THESE POINTS RESONATE, THEN -  'The Teachers' Promotion Club' is for you!

Imagine If...

  • You felt HOPEFUL each time you sent off an application because you had picked up new tips, talked and learned from your peers and you feel more ready to move to the next stage. 
  • You were EQUIPPED WITH NEW SKILLS about how to effectively answer interview questions so you felt a new sense of confidence and self-assuredness that you can cope with whatever comes your way.
  • Applying for jobs was easier because YOU KNEW PRECISELY WHAT TO SAY to create authentic and impressive job applications.
  • You could ASK YOUR QUESTIONS AND GET 1-1 FEEDBACK from an interview coach that supports you.
  • Even though your interview is still a while away - YOU WERE LEARNING AS YOU GO ABOUT YOUR DAILY ROUTINE making your preparations easy!
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Reassurance that you know this already!

The Teachers' Promotion Club helps teachers access the career information they need and reassure them that they are already on the right path towards the job they love!

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In The Teachers' Promotion Club,  you will learn how to

develop and feel proud of your skills.


Access weekly 1-1 support via the Voxer App as you prepare for your job application and interviews or get coaching on a change that you'd love to implement in your teaching.  


Get exclusive access to tools for filling in AP posts, interview tips, reflection tasks, set meaningful goals and discuss the real meaning of the LAOS document for you personally. 


All content is available on the Simplero app - so that you can access the training pdfs, videos and learning tools where ever you go and develop your leadership skills even in the most unlikely situations!


Each month inside The Teachers' Promotion Club there is a variety of information inside! Created around the needs of the group members, you will access fantastic content such as guest speakers, career development masterclasses, challenges and much more - so that you are continually moving your career forwards.


If you have your eye on a particular role or you want to secure a leadership position within the next year or two, The Teachers' Promotion Club will equip you with the skills and you can become accountable for the decisions you choose to take. These actions will propel your skills and career in the right direction.


Understand how you can stop waffling, how you can focus on giving them the information that they want to hear and increase your chance of success in the future. 

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What Teachers Are Saying

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  • I joined The Teachers’ Promotion Club to learn more about leadership, to hear from like-minded people, prepare for ap interview. It is helping me gain a better insight in to the multifaceted nature of leadership in schools. I enjoy learning about the content you share on leadership and the opportunity to attend zoom calls with like-minded people. Having a group that is leadership focused keeps my mind on the topic is useful. Hearing others’ experiences is very beneficial also.

    Jess M.

    Primary School Teacher

  • I like having access to a support network of leaders and aspiring leaders and content that will continue to stretch and teach me so I can apply them to my own role. I like the help with prioritising and really looking at my strengths. I get good advice from Orla and from other teachers and access to great learning content. I definitely feel more confident that I have a structure to answer questions more easily and that I am far more familiar with the content on the LAOS document. One of the best parts is speaking openly to others about experiences, having the opportunity to look for advice and to problem solve. Thank you, Orla for the group and for regularly updating it.

    Caroline T.

    Post Primary Teacher

  • I was keen to engage with this from the start! It has given me some more confidence in thinking that I can do the job and be successful when my time comes. I enjoy learning from the perspectives from other members and sharing. I think I would be structuring my answers better and making sure I have the right information and structuring my specific examples in an efficient way. Thanks so much for everything Orla.

    Orla H.

    Priimary School Teacher

  • I am preparing for our interview together and hopefully I will be ready by the end of November. I think this is exactly what I need to move forward. The best parts are all the hints, tips and recommendations by Orla. The content has been good as I can access it any time. I loved the mock interview session - I found it so beneficial.

    Chris S.

    Primary School Teacher

  • I joined The Teachers’ Promotion Club to get access to sample questions and information on the  STAR technique (although I didn't realise I needed it beforehand!) The club was also goof to get help with my SAF. It was great that Orla explained about the STAR technique I got tips to get clarification during an interview e.g. to say 'I don't know but I would consult....A,B & C”. Now I’m definitely more empowered with strategies to use during the interview and also an awareness of how competitive the whole leadership process is.


    Experienced Teacher

  • I joined the TP Club to help me with Interview preparation. It really helped me focus on LAOS 2022. The Teachers’ Promotion Club helped me realise that I am worthy of promotion. I became more confident and more aware. What would I say to others about the group? Definitely go for it. You'll learn so much about yourself.


    Experienced Teacher

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Hi! I’m Orla Dempsey. I'm a Primary School Teacher and Career Coach for Teachers.

In 2015 and 2016, I applied for loads of jobs. I didn't get them. I was devastated, lonely and desperate to tell others that I'd secured a role. Since 2017, I became a Career and Life Coach and I had many light bulb moments because I understood why I didn't get them. 

If you're here because you feel the same - then I see you. I'm passionate about helping teachers understand that ➡ applying for teaching jobs is a whole new set of skills and rejection is feedback showing that maybe you need to try a new approach.

Now is the time to learn those skills. Fast track the learning that took me 9+ years when applying for teaching roles and 3+ years when applying for roles outside of teaching - The Teachers' Promotion Club will show you how!

To your career success, 

PS: What makes the Teachers' Promotion Club completelty different is the follow up support. When life gets busy - I'm here for you each Friday via Voxer to ask a question, rant if you need to and return to moving forwards with knowledge and support. You got this! 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people ask me about the club: 

🎯 Is The Teachers' Promotion Club an online course?

The 🎯 best time 🎯 to join The Teachers' Promotion Club was yesterday - the next best time is TODAY. 

The club is about a ✔ Safe Space ✔ Full of Community, ✔ Developing Relationships, ✔ Guest Speakers, ✔ Learning from the Experiences of New School Principals, ✔ Taking an Opportunity to Speak to our Group and ✔ Building Your Confidence.

It's also about ✔ Regular Emails, ✔ New Information Being Added to the Group, ✔ Challenges and Ease of Access to the Information. 

The Teachers' Promotion Club has a broad focus. If you're preparing for interviews urgently - you are welcome but 'Help, I've an Interview in a Week' is a better choice for urgent preparation for interviews.

🎯 How long does it take to complete?

With the content in 'The Teachers Promotion Club,' there is no rush to get things done - the content is there for whenever you have time. If you went through the content each month, it would take a minimum investment of your time.

Each month, there may be things like useful printables, videos, challenges and Zoom masterclasses. You can attend them live or catch up - whenever suits you best and I will send reminders with anything urgent so that you're supported along the way.

Small, consistent actions - that's the key!

🎯 There are other courses available already

Yes, I agree - I've seen them advertised too. It's wonderful to gain information from lots of different sources. 

What makes 'The Teachers Promotion Club' different is 1) The ongoing support from me  2) The variety of ways that I present information each month 3) The fact that information is member-led (if I see an area that I can support members in, I include that in the content in the platform) 4) The connection between my life as a teacher and life as a coach plus my interest in marketing 5) Marketing = influencing others with your CV/SAF and Letter of Application.  

🎯 What if I don't have the money?

If in the past, you've sent out lots of AP, DP or Principal job applications this is a red flag that there's something that you most likely need to change in your approach to applying for jobs.

Yes, I know that the system is tricky and downright unfair at times but if you're open to the idea that *MAYBE* it's not ALL the fault of the system - then you are ready to empower yourself. 

If you've never tried other approaches, perhaps this is the time to invest in your future path as a school leader. For the price of a few trips to your local cafe - you can access resources, support and ongoing CPD with a leadership and skills development focus. 

If you see leadership roles in your future - can you afford NOT to invest in your job seeking skills?

🎯 I’m newly qualified this year: Is this membership too advanced for me?

YES! If you are ambitious and you know that you want to move up the career ladder with more ease and support - this group is for you.

In our monthly Zoom calls sessions, members get to join together online and learn from myself or guest speakers and sharte their experiences if they wish.

Together with the content in the membership site - NQTs can learn a huge deal about furthering their communication, writing, interview, job application and leadership skills. 

For a small monthly investment - NQTs can gather access to a range of useful trainings on CVs, SAFs, interview skills and lots more!

🎯 If I had my CV/SAF reviewed with you last year will I find the information in this membership useful still?

Brilliant, thank you for your business. I'm blessed to have so many wonderful teachers who avail of my services. 🤩

This membership is MORE...

  • It's MORE than I can offer in a 90-minute session.
  • It's MORE access to resources for career development for teachers.
  • It's MORE support and encouragement.
  • It's MORE about developing a professional network.
  • It's MORE about having your say and being listened to and getting access to resources that you need. 

Members in The Teachers' Promotion Club get access to me, live and recorded videos in Facebook and on the course platform on the topics that they need. 

In bite-sized pieces, members can access trainings on time management, LAOS, Goal Setting, Personal Strengths and lots more.

🎯 Orla - You're not a principal. Why should I trust you?

Yes, that's true. My interest in recruitment firmly lies in understanding the wonderful qualities necessary to be a great teacher leader and using that awareness in job applications and interviews. I aim to help all my clients build better job application skills and believe in themselves.  

As a coach, I hear teachers say to me things like "I hate interviews - I just can't sell myself" or "I don't know how much detail they want in interview answers" or "I completely overthought filing in my application form - I was just so afraid that I'm not doing myself justice".

I care that you struggle with this and in The Teachers' Promotion Club - I aim to show you that there is an easier way.

I am not a principal... but I have spent hours on top of hours connecting with principals looking for their insights because I know that each principal looks for slightly different attributes in teachers. That's what counts in my books. 

🎯 Is this course suitable for those applying for management positions?

! That's who this course is tailored for. Inside the Teachers' Promotion Club we have newly qualified ambitious teachers, those applying for AP posts, DP roles and Principal roles. We learn from one another, connect with each other and share a similar path.  

🎯 Is this course suitable for post-primary teachers?

Yes, indeed. A huge part of my business is helping clients at post-primary level complete their leadership job applications and prepare for interviews. All content in this membership is suitable for you as a post-primary teacher too.

🎯 What if I’m not finding the content useful for my situation?

Cancel Anytime - That’s the beauty of memberships – if you’re not finding the content relevant – then you can leave at any stage. 

I do suggest remaining in the group for 2-3 months – though I envisage that you won’t want to leave because the content will help you move forward with a strategy, support and momentum in your teaching career!

🎯 I don’t want to be a school leader – how can the group help me?

That’s fine – me neither! Though I do love consistently improving my skills - whether that be improving an aspect of my teaching, forming better relationships, being a better dfacilitator etc.

Leadership skills include being a clear communicator, being decisive, being visionary, being respectful to others and deepening relationships, can take and give feedback, being analytical etc.

If in 5 years time, you see yourself progressing in your career bit by bit - whether that be a career change, secondment, principalship etc -The Teachers' Promotion Club can help you to decide on which are the right actions for you to take are - and offer you accountability and support along the way!

🎯 What’s included in the membership?

You will get: 

  • Access to monthly themes on my online course platform - such as Interviews, CV Preparation, Cover Letters, Networking, LAOS and lots more. 
  • Access to Staff Only my private client only Facebook Group for questions, trainings, and learning from others.
  • Occasional trainings from guest speakers - based on the needs of the members and what I'm noticing coming up for teachers. 
  • Ongoing support - I'll be supporting you on Fridays via the Voxer app (12pm-6pm term time) for any questions or clarification that you need. 

🎯 Can I include the membership in my job application forms?

CPD comes in many forms - it can be attending webinars and conferences, participating in support groups, reading books, doing research on Youtube and online searches.

Developing your leadership skills, gathering knowledge and taking action to become more self-aware is professional and personal development and can look very impressive in interviews and job applications. I'm always reminding my 1-1 clients to reference what they have learned in courses etc in interviews and this membership can be a huge asset for CPD. 

🎯 You’re not a principal – what makes you qualified to talk about leadership skills?

I first became interested in leadership when I realised that my most successful clients are self-motivated.

These clients take my best ideas and go with it – they are self-managed and know that they are the solution to their problems. I love to use my skills in detail, writing, service, growth and innovation to help teachers develop their own leadership skills to help them to move forward. Empowering others through my listening, questioning and reframing skills helps my clients become better leaders.

My favourite definition of leadership is "A leader is anyone who can inspire others" Go forth and lead!

🎯 I might not use it... is this the membership for me?

I get that reservation! It's a real concern - however, you should know... I created this membership group by BEING in a membership group. In the membership group, I learned the skills, watched the videos on the go and picked up tips as I went along. If you are curious and willing to take occasional, small steps - then you too, can reach your goal.

If you're anything like me - you may consume lots of trainings in one go, then do nothing for a couple of weeks - but being in the group - feeling the energy and refocusing on leadership content is so powerful. 

Like me, you'll most likely make consistent steps forwards because you're invested, you're focused and eager to make a change. 

Like our current group members who are making small, but important changes for themselves - you can too!

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What Happens After You Enrol?

After you enrol in The Teachers' Promotion Club...

  • Log-in: You'll get an email with your log-in details to access the course.
  • App: Ensure you then download the Simplero app to your phone. (You can access all your information on your desktop and on your phone using the fantastic app). 
  • Learn: You'll then log-in to access free trainings, downoadables and loads of relevant information that you'll need as you prepare for job applications and interviews!
  • Grow: Each month, you'll get access to new trainings, avail of the advice from guest speakers and get weekly 1-1 support from me via Voxer!

The Teachers' Promotion Club

What's Inside?

Module 1 - Interview Skills

  • Learn how to use the STAR technique
  • Access Leadership Interview Questions
  • Prepare for questions on child protection, conflict and lots more
  • Do a mini mock interview (simulated video)
  • Download and print useful information as your prepare for your interview

Module 2 - Everything You Need to Know About LAOS

  • Learn how to easily interpret Looking At Our Schools
  • Pinpoint stories that you can use to discuss the competencies in the Looking at Our Schools 2022
  • Learn how to develop a growth mindset when thinking about competencies and the domains that they fall under
  • Take inspiration from guest speakers on SSE and developing student voice. 

Module 3 - How To Complete Leadership Application Forms - Masterclass

  • Pinpoint ways to make your application form interesting, relevant and impressive in this popular masterclass. 
  • Access a range of my top tools that help my 1-1 clients complete  impressive application forms. 

Module 4 - CVs

  • Examine my CV templates for AP1 and 2 applications, power verbs and make your application easy!
  • Save time comprehending what you need to do with my video walk through - outlining the top mistakes people make and how to avoid them. 
  • Download your CV template. 

Module 5 - Cover Letters and Letters of Application

  • AccessCover Letter Templates to accompany or CV or SAF for teaching roles
  • Both teaching level cover letter and leadership level cover letter templates are available. 

Module 6 - How do you Manage Your Time Effectively?

  • Pinpoint ways to think about your time management (what you do and how you can improve) for interviews and day to day life.
  • View a masterclass on Stephen Covey's Time Matrix. 

Module 7 - Planning for Leadership Success

  • Key informational videos to help you set goals for professional and personal development in the future. 
  • Developing a Growth Mindset when applying for Leadership Roles
  • Motivational Guest Speaker speaks about his experience learning from others and applying lessons to his own life. 

Module 8 - Get Promoted

  • Learn from principals who share their experiences of being promoted to senior leadership roles

Module 9 -  How do you Manage Communicate Effectively

  • Gain tips to fill in the teacher level SAF
  • Watch the Masterclass - 'How to Facilitate Meetings so that People Take Notice'
  • Learn how to use Canva to revamp your resources, create powerpoints and lots more!

Module 10 - Developing a Leadership Network

  • Learn practical ways to build your teacher network
  • Reflect on your leadership qualities and what you have to offer


Module 13 - A Practical Guide to Becoming a Teacher Lifecoach

  • Learn practical strategies and supports to develop your career coaching business. 
  • Learn from practising coaches about their experience of setting up a successful coaching business
  • Make the process easier to help yourself set up your own coaching practise. 

Module 14 - Teaching Sustainably

Module 15 - Teacher Self Care

Module 18 - Salaries Made Simple

Stay tuned - New content is added to the platform each month!

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2 Packages to Choose From

Pick the option that best fits your needs

Teacher Support


per month
  • Access to 4 + Paid  Masterclasses (value €35 each)
  • Exclusive Training for Members of the Teachers' Promotion Club - on time management, LAOS, student voice and much more. (value €210)
  • Personalised career support for teachers 
  • Monthly career themes for CPD - Each month takes a new focus based on the LAOS document.
  • Guest Speakers - Share your expertise and improve your facilitation skills and present to the group or join us for a live training. 
  • Weekly Voxer Support  (value €387)
  • Accountability - Commit to an action/s and report back on your career progress. 
  • Weekly emails

School Support


per month

🎉 You can access this as a school too!

If you're a school principal and you'd love to share access to easily accessible CPD for your teachers - reach out to discuss CPD opportunities for your staff. 

Get in touch!

Thank you so much! I'll be in touch shortly.