Hey there - Is this you?

  • you've completed your job application for an AP, DP or Principal role but it’s been 10+ years since your last interview.
  • you feel you don't sell yourself as well as you could in interviews.
  • you feel that you can do the job well but you want to do yourself justice in the interview.
  • you have had mediocre interviews in the past and this time you want to really show them what you can do.
  • you'd love to get the job but feeling prepared, equipped and ready to share your experience is just as important to you.
  • you're an experienced teacher who would love a change and a chance to make a greater impact for your pupils but you’re clueless about how to use the best interview techniques.
  • you've considered working with me 1-1 and you are very curious about what I can offer.
  • you prefer to learn the skills for yourself so that you don't have to work with a professional year in, year out to update your interview skills.You’re a busy parent, principal, middle manager and/or community member and you’re tight on time – you like the sounds of a course that will allow you to learn on the go.
  • you're ready to think positively about the job search as much as you can!

Imagine If....

  • You felt equipped with the STAR technique and the best interview skills for leadership roles in education.
  • You were empowered and relaxed because you had immediate access to LAOS type interview content designed for the Irish leader in education.
  • You had one course that prepared you for AP posts, DP posts and Principal positions - immediate support wen you need it.
  • You felt reassured that you are offering all you can in your interview and if things don't go your way - that you and that school weren't the right match this time. 
  • You had a course that will guide you as a teacher who has lots of leadership experience abroad - to understand the interview process in the Irish setting.
  • This is the year you've decided that you will make changes in your career and apply for leadership roles, you had a greater say and you can make a bigger differece in the lives of your pupils.
  • You had guidance and tips for answers to your burning questions - because you're unsure what they were asking in your last interterview.You saved loads of time deciphering the LAOS document - and accessed reflection points from a career coach in education so that you can greater align your practice and develop your answers and your career.

Are you useless at selling yourself in interviews? 

Hello, I'm Orla Dempsey and I'm a Career Coach for Teachers and a Primary School Teacher. I'm naturally quiet and interviews were my downfall for many years because I really dislike being put in the spotlight!  Sound familiar?

Over the years, I've let go of the inner thoughts like 'Don't be boasting about yourself' or 'Who are you to say that?' or 'There are others out there that do this better than you' and I learned to believe in myself more. 

✅ Since developing my coaching business, I've spoken to 100s of teachers who feel that they waffle, lack experience in interviews and who want to do themselves justice in the interview seat.

✅ I've developed a very successful business that shows teachers how to develop interview strategies that act as a confidence boost - because they know precisely what to do during each stage of the interview and just like I help teachers - they show how THEY can help the school.

✅ I've examined the LAOS document inside and out and used career coaching tools and insights to show teachers how to implement the themes there to show evidence for their interviews.

Inside 'Help! I've an Intervierw in a Week' - I'll show you how to do these things too. 

Online Courses (8) Help! I've an Interview in a Week!
Mick Weafer - Post primary School Principal

“My favourite part about the course was the LAOS section. It breaks up each competency and helps teachers think about what they have been doing in a simple way. One piece of advice that has stuck with me over the years is to 'walk LAOS around your school' looking for practical examples because it will aid comprehension and Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ provides many such reminders. I think you have nailed the structure of the course – the videos are short and to the point which is very helpful. The structure is very like Moodle so a lot of users will be familiar with this layout. I would recommend the course to any teachers preparing for leadership roles. Well done Orla!”

Post primary School Principal

Orla Dempsey Mentoring
Niamh - Primary School Principal

“I loved the AP, DP and Principal sections of the course. Overall, the content of ‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ is relevant and focused for teachers. It is an excellent course for any teacher who wants to cover fully - all aspects of preparation for the interview in advance. A great collection of relevant and appropriate advice and knowledge all in one place. I would recommend the course.”

Primary School Principal

Orla Dempsey Mentoring
Patrick H. - Experienced Teacher

“I would highly recommend the course because of the relevant content and because of how accessible it is. It is an incredibly comprehensive course on educational interviews. The use of videos makes the courses accessible whilst driving or commuting which I found brilliant.
Orla provides a clear framework for answering questions through the STAR method and she explores the dreading 'waffling' which is something I know many teachers struggle with.
I really liked Orla's focus on the scenario questions and the course taught me about the importance of power verbs throughout the interview. ‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ is a credit to the enormous work that Orla has put into the whole area of coaching and interview preparation.

Experienced Teacher


In 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week -  you will benefit from... 


All the content you need for leadership interviews in education - all in one place! Videos are focused on the themes, questions and types of preparation that you'll need to implement in the run up to your leadership interview. No need to trawl through forums and search online to do your interview with confidence in record time. 


Gather the necessary vocabulary on leadership qualities, time management, teambuilding, SSE, conflict and lots more and tell your stories in simple, easy to remember and highly effective interview answers.


More opportunites coming up? You retain full access to the course material for life. Use the Simplero app to listen to your course on the go and at your leisure. You'll have access to the content for AP post, DP roles ot Principal roles that arise in the future.


Access my best content from working with 100s of teachers in 1-1 sessions - this course is jam packed with all the best learning points, the common pitfalls I see and I outline what the interview panel are really looking for.


Each video is designed to address one question or concern you may have so that you get the answer you need immediately.


Follow the steps laid out in this course to feel equipped with strategies so that you won't waffle and your stories hit the nail on the head!


Fiona bought ‘Help, I’ve an Interview in a Week’ when her interview for an AP2 in her role was coming up. Before the course, she couldn’t explain effectively what she could contribute to the role.

On the day of the interview, Fiona was a new woman. Because of the course, she I walked out of the interview with a smile on her face and her head held high. During the interview, one interviewer told her that she was giving "wow" answers.

Doing so well in the interview was a huge personal achievement. Did she get the job? Yes she did!

What People Are Saying

Orla Dempsey Mentoring

“I will watch these videos over and over. Orla has created a fanastic course which I watched on the go! I know that there will be a deputy principal roles coming up in my school later this year and I want to feel ready. Help! I've an Interview in a Week was so easy to use and I enjoyed choosing the questions that I felt I needed most. Orla's voice was easy to listen to and I used the app on my phone so that I could learn while doing my housework after a busy day teaching. I would recommend this course to teachers who are applying for leadership roles and want to gather the relevant information.”

17 years experience as a Post Primary School Teacher

17 Help! I've an Interview in a Week! The Complete 'How to Answer... ' Leadership Interview Course for Teachers

Got an interview coming up soon and panicking about your interview skills?

👌 I got you covered! 

Help! I've an Interview in a Week' is designed for experienced primary and post-primary teachers who are looking for middle and senior leadership positions. 😥 They are nervous because they've secured interviews last minute. 

This course will teach you...

  • How to answer questions based on the four domains.
  • How to talk about your strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to come across as enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
  • How to have a variety of strategies for your interview (e.g. what you will do if you can't answer the question).
  • How to effectively use the STAR technique and more...

Each module in the online course is short and to the point. Each lesson begins with the prompt - 'How do I answer the... 'X type' question?'   

👩‍💻 Throughout the course, I outline what they are looking for and give you vocabulary and impressive phrases to answer the question - using evidence to show that you have similar experiences from your past.


EUR 297.00

“This course is so helpful! Orla has created a brilliant course which answers all my questions about interview questions in leadership roles. She explains how to use the STAR technique, LAOS questions like how to choose scenarios for each domain and each statement so that there's variety in my answers and I confident that I am focused on the content that the interviewers want to hear. She continues to add and refine the course based on the latest changes in education so that it containes the top information possible which is fantastic. I would definately recommend Help! I've an Interview in a Week to any teachers wanting to improve their interview skills.”

14 years experience as a Post Primary School Teacher

Orla Dempsey Mentoring

“I got the Deputy Principal Role! With my interview the following day, I felt stressed and unsure of my interview skills but I needed not worry - 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week' prepared me very effectively for the interview. I liked that the videos and there was no waffle. They are full of key vocabulary and important pieces of information and I chose the questions I needed most as I went along. Having spent a lot of time myself preparing for the interview, this course helped to pull it all together for me and focused me for the interview. This is my first step into senior management. Thanks Orla! Fantastic course!”

27 Years Experience as a Primary School Teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

Who Is ‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ for?

‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ is for any teacher who is interested in applying for leadership roles in primary and post-primary schools. If you’re in a rush, and you want immediate support to prepare for an upcoming interview – this course will equip you with knowledge of the STAR technique, the PAWS technique and lots of impactful ways to prepare in a confident, impactful way for interviews.

What’s Included in the ‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ Course?

This is perhaps the best investment you’ll make in your career.

  • You’ll get access to 50+ short leadership focused videos especially designed for the Irish Education sector aspiring leader.
  • Instant downloadable resources so that you can reflect, prepare questions and plan what you will say along with the video content
  • Simulated interview video – Prepare for your leadership interview with this simulated video during which you can act as interviewee and answer your questions in a solo presentation.

Am I too young?

If you’re ambitious – then you’re never too young to more closely align with upgrading your career.

‘Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week’ will help you understand the skills associated with interview preparation and open your mind towards leadership opportunities in your school or beyond.

I’m applying for a Principal role – will this course help me?

Absolutely! This course prepares for all elements of the Deputy Principal and Principal roles and AP posts – whether you are an internal candidate or an external candidate you will feel thoroughly prepared.

Should I purchase this course in advance?

Yes, if you know that you will be applying for a post this year – you can purchase this course in advance. Anytime you have some free time you can watch some videos and improve your interview skills.

It is equally effective however, if you get a last-minute interview offer.

How long does it take to complete?

The short videos in 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week' mean that you can make a massive difference in your professional interview development in just 1 hour. 

Others may choose to do the course over a number of weeks. In Beta mode - participants went through all the videos they needed to watch in 2 hours or less. It is very digestible - with no waffle! And you can access the content on the Simplero app to listen on the go!

What if I don't have the money?

If, in the past you've been for loads of interviews - but you don't get offered the job... this is a red flag that there's something that you need to change in building your interview skills.

If the only preparation you've done for interviews is recording loads of questions and answers in your interview copy - and you've never tried other approaches - perhaps now is the time to invest in your career to give yourself the best chance at securing your dream leadership role. 

Can you afford NOT to invest in your interview skills?

I’m newly qualified this year: Is this too advanced for me?

This particular course is designed for those applying for leadership roles. Check out my course - 'Knock Their Socks Off - Interview Confidence Skills for Teachers' for those applying for teaching roles. 

Orla - You're not a principal? Why should I trust you?

Yes, I am a teacher, that's part of super power. I have felt the rejection. I've travelled miles and miles for job interviews. I've accepted jobs in the wrong schools. I've looked for jobs outside of education.
.... and I bring all of that experience with me in this course.

I have now developed my skills in course creation so that I can help more and more people learn to create marvellous job applications who otherwise, may not get a chance to work 1-1 with me.

I am not a principal... but I have spent hours on top of hours connecting with principals looking for their insights because I know that each principal looks for slightly different attributes in teachers. So in fact, that is so much more beneficial because I take into account the many voices who represent the principals of Ireland.

Is this course suitable for post primary teachers?

Yes, indeed. I work with post-primary teachers on a regular basis. The content in this course is suitable for you as a post-primary teacher and leader too. 

Doing effective interviews is a skill - a skill that you've never learned before. That's why many teachers struggle with feeling that they did well in interviews but I can help. 

In 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week' you will learn how to create a better strategy to perform well in interviews - with confidence, control, precision and you will do yourself justice. 

Learning techniques like - how to answer a question if you're unsure of the answer, how to use the STAR technique, why you need to show enthusiasm and lots more - this course will blow other interview supports outside of the water!


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