Apply better to DEIS schools

EUR 35.00

Ever struggled in a school and did not know precisely why?

I did. I really struggled and I wasn't invited back for year 2 - and in retrospect, it was the best thing that ever happened to me! 

Inside this training, you'll get...

  • Tips from DEIS Teachers
  • Insights into the role
  • Questions that they ask in DEIS interviews
  • You'll learn about the challenges and lots more.

🏫 Indeed,  we will shine a light on the wonderful work that DEIS teachers do in disadvantaged settings. 

EUR 47.00

If you're unsure how to create an up-to-date CV or impressive job application - You need this!

Learn my top LAOS tips, pinpoint where you can improve your application, learn if you're writing too much or too little, make the application process easier and tonnes more effective! Tip: It's all got to do with your MINDSET! 

Here's what you will learn... 

⏳ You'll save time and make the process of applying for a leadership role easier!

➡ Access my specially designed CV template for leadership applications.

📩 Guidance about how to write the letter of application and free template.

🎯 Show what you have that's different and articulate that in a clear confident way.

⭐ Focus on telling STORIES and not SELLING YOURSELF and lots more.


EUR 35.00

Been a long time since your last interview?

If it has - then your interview skills are probably quite rusty! Having a strategy for your interview can put your mind at ease, make you feel more confident and save you from learning off reams and reams of notes from your 'interview copybook'. 

This interview masterclass is jam-packed with

  • tips and tricks to improve your interview answers
  • it will help you better interpret what the interviewer is looking for and
  • It will help you brainstorm the vocabulary that's required for successful teaching interviews easily

Do this masterclass when you need it most in your own time.