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Most job advertisements ask for an SAF, right?

Having a CV is extremely important as a professional introduction to your skills as a teacher - especially in the early months of the school year.

Successful CVs for Substitute Teachers will walk you through my top tips to create a CV that gets you noticed because of your experience, skills and specialisms in education.

And when your CV gets into the hands of the right principal - then who knows what doors it will open for you! For e35 - this is a fantastic investment for all student teachers and those looking for work.

This masterclass will show you how to impress with your CV and get your feet well and truly into schools - How exciting! 

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'Salaries Made Simple' will help you get clear in a practical way to take more control of your money, save for a rainy day and funnel your funds to where you actually want them to go. 

Learn how to

  • Plan for the big yearly expenses like your car insurance, tax, NCT, house and health insurance etc.
  • Create sinking funds and begin saving for specific goals.
  • Do a payday budget so that you're setting your money aside before discretionary expenditures.
  • Begin an emergency fund.
  • Review your past expenditure and more...
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Considering coaching as a potential career path?

Teachers are doing lots of cpd in mindfulness, resilience and wellbeing and many teachers are curious about how coaches can help others grow personally and professionally.

'The Practical Guide to Becoming a Teacher Life Coach' will answer your questions about

  • what coaching training is like
  • the experience of coaches in setting up a business and
  • how their coaching experience helps them and others. 
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Been a long time since your last interview?

If it has - then your interview skills are probably quite rusty! Having a strategy for your interview can put your mind at ease, make you feel more confident and save you from learning off reams and reams of notes from your 'interview copybook'. 

This interview masterclass is jam-packed with

  • tips and tricks to improve your interview answers
  • it will help you better interpret what the interviewer is looking for and
  • It will help you brainstorm the vocabulary that's required for successful teaching interviews easily

Do this masterclass when you need it most in your own time. 

Apply better to DEIS schools

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How do you know if you are suited to a DEIS school?

You don't - unless you have a little inside knowledge - and this masterclass will bring you just that! 

Each year, when we apply for jobs - every job advert looks somewhat the same. Yet, schools are all different in their communities, leadership styles, challenges and vibe. Insider Tips from DEIS Teachers will help you understand the context and the experience of teachers working to deliver equality of opportunity in schools to all in their care. 


  • what teachers' initial observations were when they began working in this setting
  • what happens when teachers don't understand the needs of the pupils and the school context
  • what the DEIS plan is and how to use it for interviews 
  • how to more effectively apply for DEIS schools with understanding and awareness and lots more

Insider Tips from DEIS Teachers is a key element in your job application process if you want to impress and create informed applications for different types of schools and decide if you will be a good match.