How to Complete Leadership Application Forms

If you're unsure how to create an up-to-date and impressive job application - You need this!

Learn my top LAOS tips, pinpoint where you can improve your application, learn if you're writing too much or too little, make the application process easier and tonnes more effective! Tip: It's all got to do with your MINDSET! 

Here's what you will learn... 

⏳ You'll save time and make the process of applying for a leadership role easier!

➡ Access my specially designed (AP) CV template for leadership applications.

📩 Guidance about how to write the letter of application and free template.

🎯 Show what you have that's different and articulate that in a clear confident way.

⭐ Focus on telling STORIES and not SELLING YOURSELF and lots more.

Here's what Laura had to say about the career content that I share: 

"I found it so helpful. I took about 10 pages of notes. Every piece is like a golden nugget. I am ready now to apply for jobs. I was putting off filling out the SAF for ages but I’m enthusiastic about it now.  I feel confident now in the whole job application. My favourite part was that Orla went through the whole application process. I really needed that. I really enjoyed it".