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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re AFRAID and OVERWHELMED because you feel your lack of experience in the Irish education system will go against you when you are applying for jobs in Ireland.

  • You’ve been in a leadership role abroad (and loved it) but you feel rusty – Irish, the curriculum and you feel that time and the education system has moved on and you LACK CONFIDENCE when applying for jobs.

  • You’re in Ireland and you’ve applied for lots of leadership roles but YOU JUST KEEP GETTING KNOCKED BACK and you don’t know why.

  • You’re TIRED of others being promoted before you and it seems like they can just ‘talk the talk’. You’ve been doing the jobs and working hard and it seems REALLY UNFAIR.

  • You’re at your WITS END – you feel like giving up because each time you apply you try different things but your hopes are dashed.

  • The decision to move to a leadership job is A HUGE DECISION for you and your family – but you know that you can do it – you just need to know HOW TO SHOW THEM THAT.


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What if it was easy to make big, bold changes in your career?

I can help you with that.

  • If you’re ready to talk about your journey, what you have to offer and change the way that you think about the challenge – I can help!
  • If you’re ready to put in a bit of ground work – brushing up on your vocabulary, self-talk and connect with others to build your network – I’m celebrating your wins with you!
  • If you’re ready to take a while to go on a journey – because the avenues that you’ve taken to date were dead ends – then I’ll shine a light!
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Here’s just ONE of the stories of my past clients. 

*Let's call her Julie. Julie  got in touch because she was returning home from the UAE to raise her family at home in Ireland. She enjoyed her life there and she had gained lots of leadership experience – but having young children meant that she was missing home and she wanted her parents to have a greater connection with her young sons.

She knew that it would be a challenge for a post primary teacher to get a full-time job with her subjects and so, she reached out to me.

Julie’s main thoughts were that she was going to face a huge battle because of her lack of ‘Irish experience’. I acknowledged that yes, having an ‘Irish network’ is helpful so I encouraged her to reach out to past classmates and ask if they had any tips or recommendations for her move home.She learned from others and joined Facebook Groups with Irish teachers who teach her subjects in order to upskill and learn what the vocabulary and demand was like for secondary teachers with her subjects. She kept a journal with all her observations.

I could see immediately that she was highly skilled and a look at her CV meant that I could help her tweak some information so that it was impressive and relatable for the Irish setting.

With every step that Julie took – she grew in confidence. When she learned some simple marketing skills, she immediately started to get more interview offers and got a part-time role in a school that really interested her. Shortly after – she secured full time hours.

Taking small stepping stones and making the huge leap to establish her career back home was frightening at times – but with support, Julie learned quickly what she needed to do to re-establish her roots in Ireland and in the education system here. She took action and she is now happily working in Co. Louth.  🎉

How it Works

Have you ever been frustrated that so much time is taken up worrying about not feeling prepared for leadership roles and interviews - when your time is actually better spent learning and taking action.

That's what 'Always Ready - Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunuity' is all about. Putting aside all doubts and reservationd and you'll work on your confidence and knowledge that 'you got this!'

We will work together over 6 weeks and you'll get...

  • MINDSET: A 2 x 45 min strategy planning sessions with me to find what your most direct path to leadership is and review your progress.
  • MARKETING: Use Voxer Fridays to get 1-1 support and tips to improve your job applications. 
  • INTERVIEW SKILLS: Lifetime access to 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week' - my self-led comprehensive interview course designed to help you upskill for leadership interviews.
  • GROWTH: 6 weeks access to 'The Teachers' Promotion Club' including weekly access to me via the Voxer app each Friday.
  • STRATEGY: Comprehensive information about my brand new 'SHINE' Framework and course - designed to help aspiring leaders to get from classroom teacher to leadership roles.  
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Regular 'bum kick' accountability messages and emails - to help you continue taking action towards your goals.

🎉 Here's What my Clients Are Saying 🎉

Orla Dempsey Coaching

“Orla is really passionate about what she does. Before I booked in for a coaching session with Orla I felt stuck in one or two areas due to the ‘busyness’ of life and work.

Booking the session and meeting with Orla felt like a weight lifted and helped me focus on the important things to me that I was otherwise putting on the long finger.

Having accountability was key to help move me forward. I am looking forward to my next session. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about booking a session with Orla, to do it.”

Co. Meath

Orla Dempsey Coaching

“In just a few weeks of coaching with Orla I have already begun to change the way I think about my career. I have modernised my CV, pushed myself further than I have in years and opened myself to new opportunities.

Orla is dedicated and really knows her stuff. I wasn’t even sure what a career coach was one short month ago!”

Co. Cork

Online Courses (8) Help! I've an Interview in a Week!

“Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week was a great place to start to get to grips with the language and thinking involved in a competency-based interviews.
The main thing I got from this course was how to answer the competency-based questions relevantly and convincingly, I knew the theory but not how to answer questions about it competently.
I enjoyed the repetition of the answer material - because it helped me to further process and tie together the information. It weas also great to see how many of the domains were interconnected in terms of examples.
Finally, this course helped me become more aware of my practice in the school in terms of leading and managing. ”

Co. Waterford

Get ready to welcome in change and finally feel unstuck in your teaching career.


Your investment in - Always Ready! Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunity is €1259

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Look at What Else is Included to Help You Up Your Game!

Brand New Course

This is my BRAND NEW elite course for those who enrol in Always Ready - Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunity.

✨ Learn how to SHINE. SHINE is my new leadership focued framework to increase awareness and empower teachers to move forwards.

🤩 Build your Confidence - dress as if.., read motivational quotes and assess your confidence growth AND

🤜 Improve your inner self talk - learn to focus in the abundance of what you are and not the lack of what you are not. 

6 Week Access to The Teachers' Promotion Club

Access the highly popular teacher membership - designed to help teachers move to their next level.

 🏫Pick up tips and access trainings on LAOS, Interviews, Job Applications and more.

 📳Access weekly support via the Voxer Friday support group

 🏃‍♀️ Learn on the Go - Access all of my course content on the handy Simplero app!!

Accountability and Progress

Choose to take a few actions on one day each week or one action daily - you will be confident in the knowlwdge that you'venot left everything until the last minute. 

 🏁 Take steps - actions that have gone on the log finger before this.

 👌 Feel ready when the right job or post comes around.

Hi! I'm the Teacher Promotion Coach and I'm a Primary School Teacher.

In 2015 and 2016, I applied for loads of jobs. I didn't get them. I was devastated, lonely and desperate to tell others that I'd secured a role. Since 2017, I became a Career and Life Coach and I had many light bulb moments because I understood why I didn't get those roles. 

If you're here because you feel the same - then I see you. I'm passionate about helping teachers understand that ➡ applying for teaching jobs is a whole new set of skills and rejection is feedback - showing that maybe you need to try a new approach.

Now is the time to learn those skills. Fast track the learning that took me 9+ years when applying for teaching roles and 3+ years when applying for roles outside of teaching - Always Ready - Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunity will show you how!

To your career success, 


If you enrol today - you'll get access to THREE incredible bonuses

worth €265!! 

🔥 LinkedIn Training (Value €119)

🔥 6 weeks FREE in The Teachers’ Promotion Club (Value €99)

🔥 Career Checklist (Value €47)

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask me:

How does this differ from Help! I've an Interview in a Week?

Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week is a fantastic course designed to help teachers prepare for the actual interview itself – e.g. how to cope with nerves, how to interpret LAOS, how to understand the 4 domains, how to use the STAR technique etc. It is broken up into short videos that you can access any time that you like.

The objective of ‘Always Ready’ is to equip teachers with a broader focus and increased support so that they are focusing deep down on their confidence levels, releasing themselves from fears of what ‘others may say’ or fears about ‘making the change’ back to the Irish education system etc. With ‘Always Ready’ - whether the interview happens in 2 weeks or in 6 months – you will have worked on your mindset and you’re now starting from the inside lane! You'll ALWAYS BE READY!

How does this differ from The Teachers’ Promotion Club?

While Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week has a narrow focus, The Teachers’ Promotion Club has a broader focus – with accountability, guest speakers, challenges, group questions answered. ‘Always Ready – brings together all the best parts of my trainings and supports for teachers. You get top-class trainings PLUS 1- SUPPORT.

How does this differ from a 1-1 with you?

My 1-1 leadership sessions are fantastic ways to improve your skills in job applications and interviews. Each 90-minute session includes limited resources, your 1-1 session with me, and a recording of our session together so that you have it for future reference.

I established ‘Always Ready’ because I noticed that some people were asking me for more. Their confidence was low and they need time and support to bring it to a place where they could do themselves justice. Other teachers could not identify independently where they were missing the mark in leadership job applications and interviews and this is causing them pain and confusion.

Putting my best online resources together with 1-1 coaching support - makes this an all-round package for them. Imagine the 💡 lightbulb moments that you could have - when all this support comes together!

What if I’m already in The Teachers’ Promotion Club?

If you are already a member of The Teachers’ Promotion Club – we will pause your membership until 6 week/12 weeks have passed (12 weeks if you join at this Early Bird stage).

What if I already invested in Help! I’ve an Interview in a Week?

If you already invested in my leadership interview course then – I’m happy to add some extra time to your Teachers’ Promotion Club membership. Drop me an email at to chat about it.

Will you help me with secondment applications/preparation?

Yes, absolutely – There is a module in ‘Always Ready’ that will help you make your application and we can work on this also during our 1-1 session and during Voxer Fridays.

Will this help me be in a better position on my return from abroad?

Absolutely! If you’re planning your trip home and you’re scared about September 2023 – then I’m here for you. When you invest in ‘Always Ready’ – You will feel ready in just a few weeks, you’ll know what to do and you’ll be taking action to reconnect with those who can help you in Ireland so that things are easier and more successful when you are back home.

How will I become accountable to you?

I will assign you some tasks to complete each week and you can let me know how you are doing via return emails. Fridays are Voxer Fridays too and you can ask me any questions or celebrate any successes each Friday too. And of course, I’ll be sending you regular bum-kick emails to encourage you to get back on/remain on track.

Who is it for?

Many teachers come to me and say “I’ve applied for many roles but I just keep being rejected". Others come to me saying that they are terrified of returning to Ireland – because they feel that they will be in with a struggle despite having lots of new experience – but they feel that this will not be valued. Without support, these teachers may continue on a difficult path BUT… 'Always Ready' will help them change that trajectory.

When does this course start?

Presale begins on 5th December and doors officially open on January 2nd. Everyone who invests during the Early Bird Phase (ends Dec 19th) will get access to their incredible bonuses and all course content on January 2nd - ready to begin the New Year with a blast!

I don't want to begin in January - can I start at a later date?

Yes, I am happy to allow those who want to avail of this Early Bird offer – to invest now and redeem their 1-1s, course and bonuses before May 31st 2023.

Is this suitable for post primary teachers too?

Yes, indeed. A huge part of my business is helping clients at post-primary level complete their leadership job applications and prepare for interviews.

All content is suitable for you as a post-primary teacher too.

Claire came to me - with a desire to complete a course in Speech and Language Therapy

Another of my clients, I'll call her *Claire - came to me - with a desire to complete a course in Speech and Language Therapy which she felt that her future career would benefit from.

Claire wanted to work with students and children with language difficulties and identified that she that she would love to complete in order for her to leave the classroom eventually and work in this area.

Identifying the Objective: Firstly, together we looked at the requirements of the course and created a CV and an application letter, which showed her passions and experience with children with language difficulties.

Letter of Application: Claire wrote her application letter well, and I added lots of extra details to ensure that it would be able to be read and skimmed through effectively and really captured the reader's eye. Most of the content was her own, but revamping the look of the letter really made a huge impact.

CV: With the CV she just gave me a brief outline with about her experience but the information was bare – She was unsure how to create a CV.  So what I did was ask her of her experience, especially focusing on anytime she had worked with the student language difficulties - because that's what the college would want to see.

The process took about 90 minutes and by the end of the session, Claire knew exactly what she needed to fit in to finish off and improve her CV. In fact, she was coming up with the phrases herself with ease!

RESULTS:  I am thrilled to announce that Claire has just let me know that she has secured her place in the course this is the first step to a new future. She is now on her way to fulfilling her dreams of moving out of the classroom and working with those whom she knows will really benefit from her experience.

After you enrol in 'Always Ready - Grab Your Next Leadership Opportunity' you will...

  • Course Access: Gain immedate access to 'Help I've an Interview in a Week' and The Teachers' Promotion Club.
  • Quiz: Fill in the quiz to find out which part of the course to begin - based on your specific needs. 
  • 1-1 Session: Get access to your booking link for you strategy session. During week 1 or 2 - we will have our 45 min strategy and career planning session to pinpoint your actions to get you closer to your leadership role. 
  • Implementation Stage. Weeks 2-6,  you will take small, consistent actions to build your confidence, your network and your capacity to show others that you're a great leader and that you have what it takes.
  • Voxer Fridays: Connect with me each Friday to ask questions, seek support and outline your progress. 
  • Review Session: At the end of our 6 weeks together - we will have another 45 minue session together to discuss your progress, celebrate and/or plan your steps going forward. 
  • Ongoing Course Access: You have lifetime access to 'Help! I've an Interview in a Week and 'Always Ready' - the exclusive content for this special course. 
What happens after I enrol

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