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How is the LAOS 2022 different to the 2016 version?

How is LAOS 2022 different to the LAOS 2016 version?

I've always loved the Looking at Our Schools Document because it provides us, as teachers, with a framework to assess and reflect on how we are developing as professionals. I created a resource with practical questions that help teachers to reflect on how they are progressing in their careers. You'll find it here.

As we progress and make changes in the education system the LAOS document is a fantastic place to allow career and executive coaches to support schools as an organisation and their sc…

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How do I deal with an unsustainable work load with my AP1?

How do I deal with an unsustainable work load with my AP1?

Today we are talking about teaching sustainably. I had a query lately that I feel it's important to share and offer my thoughts on the matter. Here's the query from a follower. 

Hi Orla, I’ve recently secured an AP1 post and there are so many duties that need to be covered. I don’t know how I’ll get through them all. I know I can do it but it seems like such a mountain of things to cover. What should I do? 

Firstly, congratulations on getting the role! How did you celebrate? In life, we ofte…

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How do I give evidence if I'm not in a managerial role?

How do I give evidence if I'm not in a managerial role?

Today’s question is a common question that I'm asked by clients. 

I am currently filling out the deputy principal application form and looking at this doc but where I am struggling is regarding answering some of the major questions (seeing as I am not in a managerial role - and some of these questions are written regarding what you are doing already). Would the language be a case of "I would" rather than I do - or what would be your advice here? Getting the language right is really stumping me.…

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