Teaching Level Jobs and Supports

EUR 1.00

Save time, improve your writing skills and show schools that you're taking your job application to their school seriously.  Here are some ways my 60-minute SAF Review Session can help you.

  •  Increase your confidence and reduce anxiety about the quality of your job application. 
  • An outsider's perspective can help you to see your strengths and weaknesses in a new light and identify areas for improvement.
  • Seeking help with your job application can help you to improve your writing skills and develop new techniques that will serve you in future applications.
  • Ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest trends and expectations.

What’s included?

  • Google Drive: Access exclusive CV and SAF templates and resources

  • Marketing Skills: I teach you how to tailor your job applications for schools now, and in the future.

  • Written Review: Send your form CV or SAF in advance and I will review them and return them with comments before our call. 
  • Feedback: Feedback about your SAF and tips to improve them.

  • Type and Improve: We will use your information on the call to improve the text and make your application shine live on the call!

Investment (60-minute, fully personalised session) 

€379 - €1 Waitlist Fee (non-refundable) plus €378 upon booking.


To book, pay the €1 waitlist fee and you'll immediately get an email with further information. 

EUR 1.00

Interview skills are now an important way to succeed and show yourself as a capable and impressive candidate. Here are some ways my 90-minute mock interviews can help you.

  • Walk out with your head held high.
  • Learn something about yourself - that you can do more of (or less) of.
  • Become less fearful about having to say things in interviews that are long and complicated or hard to remember.
  • Come across as authentic.
  • Understanding STAR allows you to think back and reflect and act differently for situations in your career.
  • Start off the job in a proud way.
  • The principal already has confidence in your ability to do a great job.

What’s included?

  • Google Drive: Access highly targeted Leadership-Focused templates and resources

  • Practice: I teach you interview skills and practice your interview questions.

  • Feedback: Feedback about your answers and tips to improve them 

  • Recording: Capture key vocabulary and objectively observe what you did well and make small tweaks to improve your performance.

Investment (60-minute, fully personalised session) 

€279 - €1 Waitlist Fee (non-refundable) plus €278 upon booking.

To book, pay the €1 waitlist fee and you'll immediately get an email with further information. 

EUR 197.00

Want to update your SAF, CV or Letter of Application NOW?

Perhaps you're tired of second-guessing yourself - thinking that something just doesn't seem quite right - or perhaps you're completely clueless at this whole job application process in the first place!

Selling Yourself - The Complete Guide to Applying for Teaching Jobs - is exactly what you need.

Be supported at each step along the way. In this course, I share the exclusive information I only share with my 1-1 clients including top tips via

  • videos
  • pdfs and
  • our top app (learn on the go) and
  • access to my private Facebook Group for further support when you need it most.

Selling Yourself - The Complete Course for Applying for Teaching Jobs - is created by a primary school teacher and career coach who is passionate about helping teachers find the best school for you!

EUR 197.00

⭐ Unsure what to say in interviews? ⭐ Fear that you waffle - but don't know how to stop? ⭐  Tired of repeating questions over and over again?

'Knock Their Socks Off' is for teachers looking to improve their confidence in interviews and build up a bank of targetted interview techniques.

Designed for NQTs and experienced teachers - there is no other course like this available to prepare teachers for interviews. 

📲 Jam-packed with short videos (1 - 5 mins) this course will help you feel inspired, confident and calmer because you can now show them that you are unique.

Here's what Niamh (a Primary School Principal) had to say about it:

"I would highly recommend Orla’s ‘Knock Their Socks Off’ Interview Course. The content is relevant and focused for teachers. It is an excellent course for any teacher who wants to cover fully all aspects of preparation for interviews. It is a great collection of relevant and appropriate advice and knowledge all in one place". 

✨ Go ahead and Knock Their Socks Off!

Apply better to DEIS schools

EUR 35.00

Ever struggled in a school and did not know precisely why?

I did. I really struggled and I wasn't invited back for year 2 - and in retrospect, it was the best thing that ever happened to me! 

Inside this training, you'll get...

  • Tips from DEIS Teachers
  • Insights into the role
  • Questions that they ask in DEIS interviews
  • You'll learn about the challenges and lots more.

🏫 Indeed,  we will shine a light on the wonderful work that DEIS teachers do in disadvantaged settings. 

EUR 35.00

Are you looking for a simple, thought-provoking, coaching-focused guide to help you complete your CV and job applications?

🧭 The best thing to do to help you create an authentic person-centered CV and SAF is reflection. This job application guide will help you BOTH to utilise key vocabulary AND show them your interests in (e.g. chess or walking or restorative practice or using iPads) AND when you sahre its with them can be a great help in their school. 

💕 My questions and tools gently guide you to reflect on yourself and gather ideas to put in your job application. It's this reflection piece that will make you stand out from other candidates. 

😎 At just 39 pages long, you can scan through it in one sitting and you can highlight the most important parts for you as you are creating your job applications.

💡 With the coaching tools - you can print them off and find out your teaching superpowers and unique selling point.

🤩 When you use Acing Your Job Applications - you won't feel overwhelmed and you'll know that the information that you include truly represents you and when you share authentic information - you can turn up to your interview as your real, caring, organised, hardworking, friendly self. Win! 👌

EUR 45.00
EUR 28.00

If you are simply hoping that the interview questions will go your way - then you're missing a trick! Performing well in an interview means upskilling in your communication skills and developing a number of strategies - so that you show them what you have to offer. 

Designed by a Career Coach and Primary school Teacher, Inside 'Acing Your Interviews - An All-in-1 Guide' was the first interview guide of its kind in Ireland - designed to help you build these important skills.

Access important information such as how to use the STAR and the PAWS techniques, the importance of non-verbal communication, storytelling, sample interview marking schemes, using methodologies in your interview answers, interview FAQs and lots more

EUR 55.00

Been a long time since your last interview?

If it has - then your interview skills are probably quite rusty! Having a strategy for your interview can put your mind at ease, make you feel more confident and save you from learning off reams and reams of notes from your 'interview copybook'. 

This interview masterclass is jam-packed with

  • tips and tricks to improve your interview answers
  • it will help you better interpret what the interviewer is looking for and
  • It will help you brainstorm the vocabulary that's required for successful teaching interviews easily

Do this masterclass when you need it most in your own time.