What Jobs Can Teachers Do?


If you’ve done the self-reflection work outlined in my previous blogs – ONLY THEN should you begin to identify with alternative career jobs or labels. After all, there are SO MANY variations of types of jobs out there nowadays it takes plenty of reflection and self-awareness to get clear. 

My type of coaching is Career and Life Coaching…. But there are so many other types of coaches out there – financial coaches, health coaches, sports and performance coaches, relationship coaches, money mind-set coaches and the list goes on and on…. Similarly, for you – while there is a broad label of e.g. – Social Worker – there are lots of types of Social Work specialties and that’s just one example. Do you see now why it’s necessary – to begin…. With…. What you’ve got?!

Alternative Careers

As I have outlined previously, it really is an individual journey for teachers who transition from teaching to another career but here are a few ideas to consider. Many teachers find themselves in alternative career such as

  • Social Work – teachers are natural nurturers and they place a high value of justice and wanting to do their best to support children. Therefore, they often become social workers and into the social care area.

  • Facilitators and corporate training – Sharing information using a range of methodologies and guiding learning appeals to many teachers as they impart their specialist knowledge while carefully monitoring the pre-planned outcomes in this career.

  • Educational Consultants – Gathering information from others and relaying information and offering support directly to teachers, schools and third level - both face to face and online.

  • Sales Reps for Book Companies – Having an in-depth knowledge of the school curriculum, an enthusiasm for learning and excellent people skills means that book publishers frequently employ teachers to sell their new publications.

  • Librarian – Teachers who have a love of books and helping others, variety, excellent organisational and facilitation skills sometimes go on to become librarians. Librarians play a central role in their community.

  • Writer – Teachers who often have excellent attention to detail and a fantastic command of the English language can branch into an array of writing roles eg. copy writing, editing and marketing etc.

  • Civil Service – careers in the Civil Service provide security, a good work/life balance, routine and career development opportunities.

  • Play Therapists – Teachers sometimes have a special interest in play - especially in the junior classes and often feel passionate about helping children express themselves through play, manage their emotions, problem solve etc. They often consider retraining to become a play therapist.

  • Private Nanny – For teachers who want to continue to directly work with children, arranging fun educational opportunities, supporting parents with childcare and engaging with children and their development and home environment. Pay ranges on age, location, experience and arrangement.

  • School Guidance Councillor – Helping older pupils find their own career path, develop research and organisational skills, develop self confidence and provide them with opportunities to learn about college courses and the world of work is attractive to some teachers at post primary level who choose to follow this route.

  • Speech and Language Therapist – working 1-1 with children and with their parents to make huge changes to help children communicate effectively with others is an extremely rewarding role for some teachers who follow that path.

Modern Careers are Stepping Stones

I see my career as a path of Stepping Stones. 5 years ago – I didn’t know what a career coach was. I had no LinkedIn profile and (I thought!) I had no network. Each stone brought me to a new piece of information and a new learning curve. Today, life is very different from what it once was. In 5 years time, my career may be something completely different again! What matters to me though, is that I’m happy doing what I’m doing and I feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment in what I’m doing at a salary level that I’m happy with.

Creating Change

If you want to change – creating a clear plan for your career success is imperative. Taking small, continuous action is key. You don’t have to leave today – but if you can set a date in the future, commit to a list of people you want to talk to, find out information that you need to know and create small opportunities for your success – you will be ready and confident to take that leap!!

I know that you want a simple solution – if I could wave a magic wand, what would a typical enjoyable working day look like for you?

Reach Out

If you have any questions or want to learn more about how coaching can help you change career send an email to hello@orladempseycoaching.ie.



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