Things you can do to improve your energy and mood in interviews


I wanted to share with you, one massive observation that I'm seeing with many 1-1 interviews with clients recently. That is the effect ENERGY LEVELS have on interviewers and candidates during interviews. Even if you are nervous about interviews, it is important to note what kind of energy you are putting out there. If you convey nervousness and self-doubt, you are sending certain negative signals to the interviewer.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself and your interviewer feel more at ease.

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Believe me, I know what it's like to be nervous, to have self-doubt, to not really feel enthusiastic about things.... After all, I go live on video sometimes... and that is terrifying for me! I keep at it though, because little by little, I improve, I change my strategy and.... sometimes I mess up and that too, is ok. It's all about practice.

I always watch my energy levels in interviews though - because guess what? If I'm not sending off an air of enthusiasm, fun and positivity - then my video is a FLOP!!! Nobody wants to hear someone complain all the time or emit a poor vibe - especially if you have the opportunity to scroll past.

It's the same experience for an interviewer if an interviewee has poor energy levels - then he/she has a much harder time warming to you.

So, what can you do to ensure that you give off a better vibe in interviews?

  • Raise your energy levels - Perhaps do a little exercise beforehand (not always possible I know, but it would help).

  • Strike a power pose - Read about power poses here.

  • Use Positive Affirmations - Ground yourself by thinking about what positive contributions you make in the classroom, in your school communities, family settings and more.

  • Watch your body language - Are you sitting comfortably and openly or are you distractedly doing something else? There's nothing more off-putting for an interviewer, than someone swinging their legs or flicking their hair continuously. Try to remain calm and confident in your non-verbal communication.

  • Focus on introducing a range of tones to your vocal communication - enthusiastically remembering and retelling the time that you facilitated a fantastic science lesson, almost immediately introduces some warmth into the conversation.

    Approach every interview with the mentality that you're going to give this your best shot, and if you're not the right match for them - then there will be other opportunities in which you are the perfect match.

    If you have an interview coming up, and if you wish to do some mock interviews with me, do get in touch at or find out more here.



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