Three important ways you can tailor your application to a school

application to a school

One thing my clients often say to me is ‘I don't know how to effectively tailor my job application to the school’ or ‘Tailoring my application takes so much time’ or ‘I'm not sure I'm doing it right’. A potential employer needs to see that you have done your research and that you are genuinely interested in their school.

Having one generic application for all schools you are applying to, will be very obvious to the reader and will hinder your chances of being called for interview. An employer wants to know what is in it for them if they hire you. Your CV and SAF are not just the necessary paperwork to apply for a job, they are also two great opportunities for you to showcase why you are the best candidate for the job!

Here are a few ways to conduct some research about the school you wish to be employed in and how to use the information you find, to help you stand out from all the other candidates.

School Symbols

One simple trick to tailor your application is to focus on the crest or symbol of the school.

During a  quick scan of school websites, I noticed that most schools had a symbol on their home page. There is a message behind the chosen symbols - perhaps they value a particular aspect of their ethos, perhaps it tells you about their approach to teaching and learning, or maybe something in the symbol represents an aspect of the physical school environment. By mentioning their school symbol and how the message there co-relates with your own values, it's a great way to tailor your application. 

The School Website

Most schools have active websites where the achievements in sports, drama or perhaps debating, are celebrated. The website will give you a better view of the kinds of activities offered by the school. They might have after-school language classes or clubs that you could help with. You will be showing your potential employer when referencing these activities, that you have taken the time to see what the school is all about, and also, you will be showing your interest and will to be a good team-player in their school.

Social and Print Media

The school you are applying to might have social media accounts that you could check out. These sites will be a mine of information about the school. Most newspapers now have their own social media accounts and you will be able to search for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts about the school you are interested in.

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