What should I wear to a teaching interview?


I often see questions online regarding what to wear to teaching interviews. A principal will probably be smartly dressed in a suit or dress of some kind. That should give you an idea of the type of attire that will be expected of you.

Interview Style

And so, today's focus is on interview style. Whether your interview is face to face on online – it’s important to look put–together, smart and that you are out to impress the interview panel.

What that means to each person is slightly different. However, here are my thoughts on what’s best to wear to interviews.

Dress for Comfort

That means no skyscraper heels or low cut tops (for me anyway) because they would make me uncomfortable. A pair of pumps or boots would mean I feel more steady on my feet so I may perform better at interview.


What colours make you feel confident? Red always makes me feel a little more vibrant so I might choose a nice red top with a pair of tailored trousers I love Next for smart clothes suitable for interviews. It’s my go-to place to pick up things for school and interviews.

Dressing or half-dressing?

Online Interviews: Yes technically, you could wear comfy stuff on the bottom half… However, I’d feel a bit worried something would go wrong and I’d get caught out. Also, there’s the authenticity piece – turning up authentically and confidently for an interview for me, means dressing as I would for a face-to-face interview. Get dressed to knock their socks off!


Looking good in an online interview means showing yourself in your best light (literally!). Place your laptop or phone inside a window so that you are getting the most from the natural light coming directly in hitting your face. This is important for online interviews.


Keep things simple with your choice of make-up. You will not want to detract from the quality of your interview answers by going over-board here. Think of make-up that would be suitable for wearing to school.


Feeling confident before an interview is easier said than done but there are steps you can take to work towards wearing your confidence in your next interview. If you would like to build up your interview confidence, find out more about how I can guide you here.

So, there you have it, expect to dress professionally for a teacher interview. Choose clothes that make you feel smart but comfortable and don’t forget to smile.

Let us know in the comments below, what is your best tip for interview outfits?



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