I’m qualified under Route 4 – With my restricted qualification, will my application be overlooked?

I’m qualified under Route 4  With my restricted qualification, will my application be overlooked

In recruitment, personal preference always plays a big part. Over the past number of months and years chatting to principals, the one thing I’ve learned is that there is no ultimate answer for what they are looking for – we can only gather a general consensus for the universal skills that are preferable amongst many leaders.


I have reached out to principals about this specialised situation, however, and the majority of principals are happy to employ a teacher who is qualified when the understand that teachers coming from a route four background are qualified to teach in a restricted setting. These settings are SET classes in mainstream, special schools, subbing in mainstream and special education teacher in mainstream. Montessori teachers who are fully recognised under route 4 are trained to teach all primary ages and while their training starts from age 3 -  it also goes right up to secondary age in Ireland.  As the Irish Education system evolves, we are slowly diversifying. That means that principals are understanding the value that those from different educational backgrounds can bring to the profession.

Finding what’s unique about you

If you have no Irish but you have a Montessori background, you have an in-depth understanding of infant education and empathy for the younger classes. You may not have Irish but you may have a fantastic knack for teaching life skills in a new way You may put the emphasis, NOT, on your lack of Irish, but on your passion and interest in what your training has taught you.


And another truth bomb here for you: This is your responsibility to do. It’s not the principal’s fault if they can’t see what you can offer because the SAF is designed the way it is. You need to change your mindset – from the lack of what you don’t have to the abundance of what you do have and what you can offer. Control the controllables.

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