Conflict in School - How to Tackle that Interview Question

4 ‘CV Dos’

The purpose of this question is to check whether or not you can resolve a tricky situation.

Some of the skills necessary here are tact, courage, listening, understanding and communication.

It’s a good idea to outline a situation (even if it’s a minor one) if you can.
Experiencing conflict with a parent, colleague or member of management is tricky. Ignoring it won't solve it so it's up to you to address the issue (courage) in a way that shows that you have understanding, empathy and good communication skills.

Using the STAR technique say yes (if it's true)that you have experienced that problem before (SITUATION) and explain how you resolved it (TASK AND ACTION) and then talk about what it was like afterwards (RESULT).

It's best to outline one example of a tricky situation than say “No I've never experienced that before” - because it shows that you've given it thought and found some experience from your career to date.

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