Things I like about the Primary level SAF

Things I like about the Primary level SAF

While I know that it can be frustrating for teachers at times, I am in favour of the form in general. Here are some reasons I feel that the Standard Application Form is a good idea.

  • The 3 x 150 word questions are short and functional. If it’s of primary importance that the BOM want to find out if you’re competent, can follow the school ethos and are happy to teach the school religious ethos - then the SAF does a good job at eliciting that information from you.

  • The universal nature of the form - At primary level, the vast majority of schools look for a SAF - which means that each candidate submits the same type of form and are compared on an equal basis. It also means less tailoring of the form from school to school.

  • It's relatively reader-friendly compared to some second-level forms. There is some sense of autonomy with the form and the rules are clearly laid out from the start. You can use headings, sub headings and bullet point as you wish to enhance the scanability of the standard application form.

  • There is a sense of flow to the form - personal information comes first, then your interests and then you get a chance to sell your experience, talents and skills in the competency based questions.

  • It can be submitted online - As an NQT, 80% of the applications I made in 2008 were submitted by postal application which was costly and inefficient.

So there you have it - overall I’m in favor. From the readers perspective too - having a word limit is important to keep my attention so I see this as the best point of the SAF. If you can’t keep to the 150 word limit, you’ll have lost me at 400 words.

What are your thoughts, the SAF - do you like or loathe it? Comment below.

Here are some resources to help you fill in your Standard Application Form:



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