My journey to job security - Bernie Woods


In today’s blog in the series where we feature posts from teachers in permanent and CID positions, we hear from Bernie Woods, The Meaningful Múinteoir.

How did you get the job you are in right now?

I saw the job for a permanent resource teacher advertised. I completed teaching practice in the school so I knew I would be very happy there. I wanted to move closer to home at some stage in the future. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to do so.

How many contracts did you have before you became permanent?

One. I had a temporary contract for a year in Naas. Then, I received a permanent position in a school in Newbridge.

What advice would you give to NQTs looking for jobs this Summer?

Do not get disheartened if you do not get called for lots of interviews-you only need one interview to get a job!

Be open-minded: a short contract can open many doors for you.

If you are available for subbing in May or June, contact local principals and let them know.

What could an NQT do in your school that would be appreciated?

Be willing to help out with different initiatives in the school.

Be open to sharing ideas.

What skillset is important, in your opinion?

Communication: teamwork, ability to verbalise your point of view, respect and empathy. Good communication skills and open communication are extremely important.

Thank you to Bernie for offering her advice to NQTs and also for sharing her career experience.

If you are an NQT and you need help with creating a winning CV and SAF to land your dream teaching job, I will be delighted to help! Get in touch with me at or find out more here.



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