Irish Primary Teacher Interview Questions - Mock Interview Preparation

Mock Interview Preparation

How exciting! You have been selected for an interview and you are wondering how best to prepare yourself. In this blog, I will give a good idea of what the interviewer is looking for and what kinds of questions you are likely to be asked. If you have a greater understanding of the requirements of the interviewer and what they will be looking for in a new member of staff, you will be better-prepared to answer the questions asked.

They will want to know about YOU

An interviewer will indeed be looking for someone to stand in front of a classroom and teach a class, of course, but they will want to know WHO they are accepting into their school to be a part of a team. You will more than likely be asked about yourself and also why you decided to become a teacher. Consider how you would answer the following questions.

  • What made you decide to become a teacher?

  • Do you think you could work well with people who have many more years of experience than you do?

  • What was your favourite Teaching Practice?

  • Tell us about your teaching career to date.

  • Do you have any special interests?

  • Why are you interested in our school?

  • What words would you use to describe yourself as a teacher?

  • Are there areas in your professional development that you would like to develop in the future?

  • What cpd have you taken part in?

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Classroom Organisation

Your potential future employer will want to know how you would manage a classroom in the school. This is your chance to reflect on how you can sell your natural and acquired skills as a teacher who is capable of running a tight ship. You may face questions such as:

  • What is your opinion of homework?

  • How long do you think the children should stay at their homework for?

  • What would you do if an angry parent called to your door?

  • Do you work well in groups?

  • Do you have experience of Aistear?

  • Tell me about an Irish lesson that went well.

  • As a mainstream teacher how would you attend to the needs of a child with special needs?

  • What are the benefits of team teaching?

Behaviour Management

We all know that we are here to transmit knowledge to pupils in as clear and efficient a manner as possible, but what do we do when there are disruptions? Scenarios to consider are:

  • What is your view on discipline for the junior classes?

  • What would you do if you had a long-term disruptive child in a junior class?

  • What would you do with an unmotivated child whose parents were uninterested in their child's school work?

  • What other staff members would you ask for help?

  • What is your view on discipline?

  • What strategies would you use to teach a very disruptive child?

  • How would you manage a multi-grade classroom?

  • Can you give an example of a time you used compassion in the classroom?

  • What would you do if an angry parent arrived at the door?

An Ghaeilge ar scoil

There are differing opinions out there about the importance of the Irish language, both culturally and in our schools. Can you face questioning on the issue and return a professional response, both in English agus as Gaeilge? What if you were asked

  • Is Irish a dead language?

  • Is it important to teach Irish in schools?

  • Conas is fĂ©idir suim a spreagadh sa Ghaeilge?

  • Cad Ă© do thuairim faoi obair bhaile?

  • An bhfuil tĂș compordach agus muinĂ­neach gaeilge a mhĂșineadh trĂ­ Ghaeilge?

  • Cad a cheapann tĂș faoi ‘Bua na Cainte’? Ar bhain tĂș ĂșsĂĄid as? Inis dom faoi seo.

The Curriculum

The Curriculum is our roadmap to teaching. You will be asked questions such as these below. Would you be able to answer them?

  • What is your favourite subject? Why?

  • How would you use technology in the classroom?

  • Do you think everyone can sing?

Ethos and Religion

Ethos and Religion can pose some interesting issues and it is imperative that you understand how to answer questions on these topics. Knowing the ethos and religion ( or absence of religion ) in the school you are applying to is really important. What would you answer in reply to the following questions?

  • By looking at your classroom, how could you tell that this was a Catholic school?

  • What resources would you expect to use in a Religion long term plan?

  • What do you understand about the Educate Together ethos?

Other Important Topics

  • Questions about Child Protection

  • School Environment

  • SET

  • and many other topics may come up in your interview and you will serve yourself well if you make sure to prepare yourself for these.

I wish you nothing but the very best with your interview and I am here to help should you require help to prepare your CV, SAF or if you need to do a Mock Interview with me. Get in touch at and I will be delighted to help.



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