Series: Awkward Interview Questions - Part 5


How do you respond to criticism?

Constructive criticism in the workplace is often delivered by more experienced members of staff who have learned from experience and they are generously providing you with this knowledge in order to help you. The same goes for constructive criticism you may receive from not getting the job you interviewed for. You can learn from these instances to grow as a person and also to get it right the next time you are faced with a similar situation.

Answering the question.

Your potential employer wants to know that you can follow instruction and accept advice without taking offence. Perhaps you received undue criticism but kept your cool all the same and got on with your day without making the situation worse. Can you think of a time when you did indeed make a mistake, received criticism and learned from it? This experience may have taught you something about yourself that now makes you a better teacher from having had this experience.

Admitting fault and moving on.

Accepting criticism is a part of everyday life and is often a part of a learning curve. If you can honestly tell a potential employer that you have the self-control and self-awareness to take criticism and learn from it, all while keeping a cool and level head, you will demonstrate the maturity and professionalism required in the role of teacher. We all know that teaching is rewarding but that the position comes with its challenges.

The Awkward Interview Questions Series:

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