Primary Interviews - are they really all sewn-up?

Primary Interviews

Some applicants for teaching jobs can lose faith if they are not being called for interview and may feel that the school has already chosen a teacher for the position before the interviews even take place! For the jobs in August especially - you are in with a real shot when you remain hopeful, positive and optimistic about the opportunities that lie ahead! It’s a great ideas to take a look at the situation from a different angle!

Your SAF and CV

If you are applying for tonnes of jobs on Education Posts or at Staffroom but you are not being called for interview, there is almost certainly something going on that you are not aware of. Have your SAF and CV reviewed in order to be sure that you have supplied innovative, different information.

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Applications that are too generic

If you are sending out the same SAF to every school, you are missing a trick! You should tailor each application to reflect that you have done your research on the school. A school leader will spot a copy and paste style of application a mile off. There is a fantastic careers portal here with opportunities to consider within education that can give you a little background information and help you read between the lines. If you have half an hour some day - it would be a great read to help you come up with a few phrases and help you apply better for jobs in education! Remember - you are a unicorn - not a pony! Don’t be afraid to shine! :)

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