Interview practice – Why should I bring positive energy into the interview room?


Interviews can be daunting but there are ways that you can make them less stressful. Believe it or not, some people enjoy the process! You may think that an interview is something you are beckoned to and that you are under scrutiny. Look at it from a different aspect; this is your chance to shine and you can add to the overall mood and tone of the interview.

Positivity and the teacher

A teacher should be a positive influence in the classroom and also should be a positive, can-do member of the school staff. If you openly show your positivity in an interview, you give your potential employer a good idea of how you might fit in in the school.

Set the tone of the interview

An interview is an active process; you also have an influence on how the interview goes. Your interviewers will be glad to hold an enjoyable interview where your positive mood adds to the atmosphere of the interview. The panel will have seen lots of nervous and anxious interviewees. Your positivity will help you to stand out.

Be positive for you!

Go to that interview with a winning mentality. Why admit defeat before you even sit down at the table? Your positivity will put you in a better frame of mind and this will come across to your interviewers.

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