How can I be more confident in interviews?


Interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially the first few! You have been called for interview and you are delighted of course, but the thought of sitting there while you are being asked a barrage of questions can cause you to worry. What can you do to make you feel more confident in interviews? Read on!


Preparation is key. If you have never practiced how you would answer possible questions, how are you to know how you might answer on the day? Take the time to practice with a friend of a professional career coach and you will feel much better.

The interviewers were once just like you

Your interviewers had to start somewhere too. They were once in your shoes and know exactly how much you want this job. They are looking for the right person for their school and have no other objective.

My All-In-One Guide: NQTs - Acing Your Interviews can be downloaded here and contains lots of beneficial information to help you to land that dream teaching job.



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