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Standard Application Form Reviews

As a career coach, I have reviewed hundreds of Standard Application Forms for clients and I see many kinds of errors that can be avoided by having your SAF reviewed by a professional. Things like grammar and spelling mistakes, making your form look drab and dreary leading to troubles scanning the document and not giving yourself credit can impact how an employer sees your form.

The Employer’s View

I have spoken to many interviewers over the years, and they have informed me of the errors they see that make that particular application much less attractive to them. They have also informed me of what they wish to see on the form and what stands out to them. I have gathered their thoughts and advice and put it in my freebie here. It answers the question ‘What do principals want?’ Well, I asked them – and this is what they told me!

Thinking like an Employer

If you really want to understand what a principal wants then imagine yourself in their shoes. They have a class without a teacher and a gap in their school team – what qualities would you want? What experience would you want to read in a CV or SAF? Then, use this information as a catalyst for what you put into your SAF (and if you notice gaps in your experience – then what can you do to make up the shortfall this year?)

Don’t just take my word for it

Here’s what Aoife said about her SAF review with me: “Working with Orla helped me secure my temporary job! As an NQT I was lost this year when it came to applying for jobs so I reached out to Orla. She was amazing at making the process simple. She gave me tips that I never would have thought of and I was really proud of my SAF when sending it off for job applications. I didn't have to wait long though - because I was invited to interview a week later and secured the job! Again Orla helped me there. I think that Orla is the best in the business. She really knows her stuff”. Aoife, NQT, Dublin

If you too want to make the process easier on yourself learn more about my SAF review service here.



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