Teaching Interviews: Memorising answers-how to avoid coming across as too rehearsed

Memorising answers-how to avoid coming across as too rehearsed

There are certain things that our interviewers will want to ask us about at interview. Knowledge of certain aspects of every profession that must be scrutinised at the interview stage - and the teaching profession is no different. You want to be as prepared as possible for your interview but how do you take the answers you have prepared and use them effectively on the day?

Rote learning Vs Information

Rote learning can work fine for a written exam but can be less than ideal in an interview. When you are preparing possible answers to questions you may be asked, think about how you can reframe that information and focus on what happened on that day and tell a vibrant, descriptive story about it. You may prepare a paragraph on what you want to say but, but then try breaking the answer down into the key points (TandA in the STAR technique) and get used to drawing on these points to formulate a fluid and relaxed answer.

It is better to have key information distilled into points that you can elaborate on later rather than learning off long paragraphs. If you are interrupted or lose your train of thought before you reach the end of the paragraph you had learned off, this will unsettle you and cause anxiety. Knowing that you possess the key information needed will help you relax too, knowing that these nuggets of key information are sitting right there when you need them.

Practice your interview skills and technique

Practice your interview skills with a friend or family member who you know will give you constructive criticism only! Find that person and tell them to be honest with you about how naturally you are coming across and identify areas to be worked on together. Every time that you practice your mock interview skills, you will become more and more relaxed, safe in the knowledge that you have what it takes to come across as naturally as possible and to provide the information that is being asked of you.

Call on the skills of a career coach

Mock Interview Preparation, SAF & CV review and increasing your confidence levels for interviews, are what I am most passionate about. My experience can be what you need to help you land that dream teaching job. Every year, I delight in the successes of my clients.

I help many clients every year to land their dream teaching jobs. Get in touch with me at hello@orladempseycoaching.ie if you need to practice your mock interview skills. I will be delighted to help! You can also find out more here.



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