5 reasons to read the Looking at Our Schools 2016 Document


The Looking at Our Schools Framework is an excellent document to help teachers assess their readiness for leadership progression and as a reflection tool for teachers to evaluate where they are excelling and where they may need to focus more of their attention on to ensure that they are providing the best education necessary for their pupils.

Here are 5 reasons to read the Looking at Our Schools (LAOS) 2016 document

1. To assess how your career is developing

In which areas am I satisfactory and …. in? What changes could I make to move up to the next level? What needs to happen in order for that to happen?

2. If you are considering leadership positions inside or outside of your school

Leadership roles in schools require evidence and expertise in areas important to the organisational development of the school. It may be useful to reflect on - what may happen if I don’t read the LAOS document or what might happen if I don’t make the necessary changes in my teaching after reading the LAOS document?

3. To pick up best practice tips

The LAOS takes time to read certainly and interpret but it is very worthwhile to do so! Read my blog here to learn more about how to interpret the document in a practical way.

4. To identify areas of strength in your professional career development

As we move towards reflective practice the LAOS will help you to identify things that you are doing great! How can you become even better at them? What processes can I put in place and what people and physical resources are available to me?

5. To identify areas of development in your professional career development

Every so often in 1-1 sessions with clients, it becomes evident that there is a deficit in some small area of experience in experience when it comes to career development. The LAOS document is extremely valuable in helping teachers pinpoint areas for career growth.

I would argue, that the first time a teacher comes into contact with the Looking at Our Schools 2016 document should not be when they apply for middle management. I know that schools are busy places and there are constant demands on our time. Most schools use it as a starting point for SSE which is fantastic but on a personal level - when I gave myself the time to infer, connect, question, predict and use my prior knowledge about the critical information outlined inside - I feel that using a variety of questions and tasks for teachers can help them better understand the document in a school context and make some necessary changes on a personal and school-based level.

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