Leadership Interviews - Have you got questions for us?


Have you got any questions for us? This is the question that sends shivers down the spine of my clients when they are preparing for interviews.

  • What should I ask?

  • What if they think it’s a silly question?

  • What if they feel like I’m testing them?

and yet it’s very important to have something to say here.

Developing Curiosity

Genuine interest in the school cannot be overemphasized - you might like to reflect on this question to get close to what you’d love to know about a school: If you had your choice of any school - what would you love to know about them? Get curious. Tap into curiosity and you will find a list of questions that you’d love to learn about a new school.

Sample questions here might be:

  • What is the best thing about this school in your opinion?

  • How would you describe the atmosphere in this school?

  • What are the best memories a pupil from this school might have upon leaving?

  • I see that ….. (some positive observation about the school)… what do you put that down to?

If diving into your ‘most curious self’ or the above questions doesn’t seem like the best fit for your interview here is another approach to ending the interview on a positive note.

The Thank You Method

Never leave the interview in a rush, saying “no thanks I’ve no questions right now” and aim to get out of the door as quickly as possible. Showing respect, care, patience and determination is a nice way to end the interview and show them that you value the time that they have taken to interview you.

You can say “No, I have no questions right now but I would like to end by thanking you for taking the time to interview me” (plus another compliment if you can think of one). Summarise your interview by telling them how you’ve grown over the past X years and name the skills that you’ve developed. If there’s anything that you’ve not had the chance to mention in the interview name it here and wish them luck in selecting the best candidate for the role.

This method requires a little planning and self-management because

  • you will be drained emotionally.

  • you will be choosing patience, being centred and authenticity to articulate your best qualities and acknowledging that if the interview doesn’t go your way - they will still have your support.

It is a wonderful approach and whether you choose to ask them a question (that can be very flattering) or you choose to add a thank you as your interview bookend - it’s a good idea to have something up your sleeve. Best of luck with your upcoming interview!

Comment below if you found this blog post useful and let me know if you are planning to try out any of these questions in your next interview.

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