3 strengths that are overused in teaching interviews


Let’s jump straight in - overused strengths for teachers are:

  • I’m very organised

  • I’m hardworking

  • I’m a teamplayer

While they may be true - they are easy and so, they tend to be overused with candidate after candidate outlining the same strengths. If you want to SHINE - you can choose to outline one or two unique strengths that you have. If you find that you can do a few things to get you thinking.

Here’s what to do instead

  • Ask others what your strengths are and why they choose that strength for you

  • Journal about the times that you stepped up/ achieved something /

  • Predict what colleagues may say about you and elaborate on that

  • Do a psychometric test and elaborate on what you found out.

To find out what principals are looking for and match your own strengths - you can download my freebie - Discover What Principals Are Looking For - Download it here.



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