SAF reviews - It might not get you that particular job

SAF review

Let's address this elephant in the room shall we? The truth is, if you have your sights set on a particular school or number of schools... Even working with me - might not get you that particular job.

Reasons why you might miss out on specific roles

Unfortunately, I don't have the jobs to hand out to teachers and I'm not in control of the many variable situations that you may be up against.
➡️ There may already be someone in the role.
➡️ The job may have to go to the panel.
➡️ Even if you get through to the interview stage, you may suffer from interview nerves or be underprepared etc.


➡️ That with an SAF Review, you will learn new impressive ways to show your personality - even within the limitations of the form.
➡️ We will create a form together that is authentic, positive and will shine out from the other applications.
➡️ We will show how you contribute to school life even if you feel you don't have extracurricular activities to show.
➡️ The pieces of information that I share are tried and tested by 100s of teachers that have now secured roles in schools.
➡️ You will feel inspired and hopeful each time you apply to schools because I taught you skills you never knew before.
➡️ What's for you, won't pass you and something even better is around the corner.
➡️ You're building the cornerstone of your career with me - using my tips you'll create something truly impactful year upon year.
➡️ That your form will be easily read which is crucial when 100s of SAFs are submitted for each job vacancy.
➡️ That I continue to learn and develop professionally and personally so that you get the latest information in terms of marketing yourself in a positive, creative way.

The limitations of SAF reviews are similar for anyone who analyses SAFs, CVs etc. Nobody can automatically hand you the job BUT on the other hand, by working with me you can feel empowered, inspired and hopeful that your SAF shows what you can offer! Contact me at to book your SAF Review.



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