The Special Role that Class Teachers Play


Class teachers...

* care

* create fun learning opportunities

* get a sense for what can be done for their class and plan (or don't plan) for activities within the classroom

* ensure pupils eat their lunches and monitor their social interactions (small but true!)

* interact and respond to parent concerns regarding their child (even when some classes are 30+ pupils)

* aim to show each pupil that they are individual and they matter

* report concerns to in school management team

* are always watching for child protection issues

* set and correct meaningful homework

* create a variety of ways to learn through play

* follow school and department regulations for planning and pupil support plans

Whether you’re doing some personal development work or preparing for a job application - taking time to reflect on what you do and how you do it will help build your confidence and create an authentic and meaningful job application.

Comment below - what else do class teachers do with love, kindness and care?



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