How to sell yourself in teaching job applications with this one course


If you've ever tried to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew then you'll know how important it is to have the correct tools when doing a job!

If you're applying for teaching jobs and you're beginning to wonder if there's a better approach to sending out application after application then Selling Yourself The Complete Course for Applying for Teaching Jobs is what you need!

Here’s why you should invest in you career…

1. Timesaving

This course is a 1-stop-shop for job applications for teachers. I've taken my best information, researched for hours about the best methods for applying for jobs, pinpoint what principals want and how to use your SAF, CV and letter of application to show what you have to offer. Save yourself loads of time by finding the best information in 1 place for teachers. It will save you hours researching online - asking about what others have done, going over and over your form for weeks tweaking it because you're unsure if it’s a problem with your form or if it’s the system. Save yourself time by creating excellent base documents and allow yourself time to have fun this summer!

2. Value

As a primary school teacher and career coach, I have a unique insight into the education system and what it's like applying for jobs in Ireland. This is combined with what I know about the human element from life coaching. I know that waiting for your time to come can be disheartening, lonely, and completely frustrating and many important modules in this course help teachers to look after their mindset during the waiting period of job hunting.

The quality of the content in the course has helped teachers all over Ireland to create SAFs, CVs and Letters of Application with walkthrough videos never-shared-before tips and templates and more.

3. Complete the course in 4 hours

This course is uniquely prepared for Primary and Post Primary teachers by a Career Coach. There's nothing of this quality from an Irish coach for Irish teachers out there at present. It can be completed in 4 hours and the tips can be implemented immediately. Something my students love to do is open the course on their screen and split the screen with your SAF/CV on the other half.

I present the information using a variety of ways so that it remains interesting, relevant and it keeps your attention throughout this short course so that you can complete it faster and be ready to start applying for new positions.

4. Immediate Access

After you invest in the course you will get immediate access to the content so that you will get the answers you need immediately. You will never have to wait for a webinar or wait for answers on forums etc. Inside Staff Only - our private Facebook community, you will access further tips and videos if you want them and you can ask any questions that you have in a closed community setting.

Accessing the content is ideal when you see a job advertisement you really want arises unexpectedly.

Ready to Sell Yourself with the Complete Course for Applying for Teaching Jobs? Prepare for securing your next fixed-term or a permanent role here.



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