Why you should invest in your career with The Teachers’ Promotion Club


Connecting with others is rewarding, it makes us feel that we are not alone in the world. - Jonah Berger

The investment in your teaching career with The Teachers' Promotion Club monthly is just €66.

Why make the investment in the Teachers’ Promotion Club?

1. Uniqueness - Member led content

In my research for this group, so many teachers reached out to say that thrive completed the PDSL and loved it but they were missing the connection with classmates when it finished up. Sure, there are webinars out there on leadership issues but this group is unique in its community approach to developing and sustaining leadership opportunities for teachers. Each month, we have an informal chat amongst ourselves and discuss the pressing issues for group members. In that way, we learn from one another.


2. Learn on the go

Our members in The Teachers' Promotion Club can access bite-sized pieces of information monthly based on the problems that they are facing and the content that they need. Sample trainings include content on LAOS, job application tools, occasional guest speakers and templates for time management, letters of application and lots more. This is all hosted on a course platform called Simplero.

There’s even an app so that you can easily learn on the go!

3. Do the course at your own pace

All the content I share - is ready for aspiring school leaders precisely when they want to focus on developing an aspect of their career. Others binge learn when they are preparing for their interviews and others pop up a video or two when they are on a long drive - it’s all available for you when you need it. Imagine accessing a treasure trove of leadership content when your school advertises their AP posts DP or principal role...?


4. Community

Pop into the private Facebook group with any questions you have about interviews or job applications. It takes me a few days each month to create all the content to go on the platform, interact on our Facebook Page and host regular training for our members which is time-consuming but it means that members get access to me and to the content when they need it.

5. Focus on your strengths

I share content from a marketing perspective because I realise that in job applications and in interviews, candidates are responsible for influencing the board to take notice of their applications. We can know all about LAOS, the PLC, DEIS but if you can't get it across that your personality will fit in well then you won't have a chance to secure the role. As a career coach, I help clients to pinpoint their qualities by asking questions and using psychometric assessments so that they apply for jobs with self-awareness and authenticity. The Teachers' Promotion Club facilitates professional strengths conversations.

6. Cheaper than 1:1 sessions

The average cost of 1-1 sessions with principals and coaches who charge for interview preparation is ......The principal allowance at the primary level starts at e9,898 per annum and the deputy principal allowance is e4007. The AP 1 allowance is. e9058 and the AP2 allowance is e4007. If you enjoy learning from others, aligning yourself with a better version of yourself - then €66 per month is a fantastic investment in your career!

Those who are interested in preparing for leadership roles this year or next year, those who know that there's a role coming up in their school or those who've been for a few interviews but consistently miss the mark will get massive value from the Teachers' Promotion Club. Are you ready to join? Join us inside here.



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