Top Tips for teachers applying for DEIS schools

Top Tips for teachers applying for DEIS schools

Here are some pieces of advice I received from teachers working in DEIS schools at both Primary and Post Primary levels. Working in a DEIS school requires certain qualities and awareness and sometimes teachers struggle with the challenge of classroom management or understanding where some pupils are coming from. You can learn lots more about how to make a good impression in your job application and if you’re well suited to the DEIS Setting in my Masterclass called ‘Insider Tips from DEIS Teachers’. Check it out here.

Show off your personality and that you can cope with the students involved.

Be willing to change the pitch of a lesson on a whim.

Be willing to bring home some baggage from school, or just be good at leaving it in the car park.

Take each child as an individual and keep in mind that their life experience may bear no resemblance to your own.

Little things like getting to school on time, having the correct items, having homework done are not always possible and need to be treated with compassion.

Understand the root of the issue. Do not discipline overly hard. That’s all they know!!! Praise praise praise praise and more praise. Talk to child and show them you care for them. Always be respectful to the kids, they will eventually treat you the same.

 Do not arrive to the interview draped in fine clothing and excessive jewellery.

Try to relate any previous experience you have in differentiation & inclusion.

Give life examples of being calm, kind, patient & empathetic.

Read the National DEIS plan.

Be aware of the different types of learners and how to teach them. How you differentiate in the classroom. Bevaware of Classroom control techniques. .

You must be empathetic and strong.

If you found these tips valuable - you’ll LOVE ‘ Insider Tips From DEIS Teachers’. It covers tips like - understanding in a practical way things like - what is DEIS? Useful Links to DEIS resources, DEIS Interview Questions from DEIS teachers reflection tips for the necessary qualities of a DEIS Teacher and top tips for applying for DEIS Schools! Learn more here.



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