What interview questions are asked in DEIS schools?

What interview questions are asked in DEIS schools

DEIS interview coming up soon? Because of the nature of DEIS schools - it’s important to do some research into the DEIS status and planning for the specific interview questions the panel may ask. From my research with DEIS teachers, I’ve noticed three distinct themes and considerations for interview panels of DEIS schools. 1) Classroom management 2) DEIS planning and 3) Disadvantage. If you prepare these questions for your DEIS interviews, you’ll be very prepared!


Classroom Management

  • What active learning methodologies would work well in a DEIS school?

  • How would you deal with a student who refuses to do homework/who won’t stop interrupting you in the classroom/ Walks out of the classroom/refuses to follow instructions? Etc.

  • What are your classroom management strategies?

  • How might you approach disruptive behaviour in the classroom?

  • How do you deal with disruptive behaviour?

  • How do you form relationships with students?

  • How do you use innovation in teaching?

DEIS Planning 

  • What does DEIS mean in this school?

  • AP1 - the future of DEIS given its relatively low impact on outcomes including teacher wellbeing

  • How would you work towards achieving the goals set out in the school improvement (DEIS) plan?

  • What will you bring to the DEIS setting?

  • What are the 7 strands of DEIS?

  • Why do you think you are a suitable candidate to work in a DEIS school?

  • What are the challenges in a DEIS school?

  • What do you know about the DEIS initiative?


  • How would you know this is a DEIS school?

  • Do you know the reasons why a student might be considered disadvantaged? 

  • Do you view DEIS as disadvantaged?

  • How would you go about communicating with parents who have very low levels of literacy?

  • How would you improve attendance/ run a program to improve attendance?

    How could you help motivate students to complete their education?

If you found these questions useful, you’ll LOVE ‘Insider Tips from DEIS Teachers’ - a c1 hour course that helps teachers pinpoint how to best apply and work in DEIS Schools. There are even loads of tips from DEIS teachers in Ireland. Invest in the masterclass here.



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